The Copper Country Teaser

From the middle of absolute nowhere, and from kids with names you don’t know comes a teaser that kicks a ton of ass. It’s dirty, fun and most importantly, jam packed with some impressive moves. Full flick drops in June.

Featuring Mitch Kirby, Jake DeVries, Jon Overson, Erik Overson, Aidan Flanagan, Ian Dreher, Alex Colorito, Ricky Koukal, Brian Knapp, Zach Fata and more.

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  1. digdime
    digdime says:

    probably just saw the whole vid. transplant yoopers, richs kids the go to school in Marquette?

  2. ponyboy
    ponyboy says:


    no, actually mostly middle class kids studying engineering at an institute that ranks among the top in the country; Michigan Technological University. either way, what does parental wealth have to do with being able to throw down? buzz off.

    p.s. apparently you didn’t attend an institute of higher learning, you have quite a few grammatical and contextual errors.

  3. yeppp.
    yeppp. says:

    you have no idea, with mitch kirby, the twins, aidan i bet they didn’t even use 1/3 of the handrail shots they have.

    marquette sucks.

  4. Ok
    Ok says:

    uppermichigan, #8 comment, you’re a faggot. until you post a better teaser of yourself and your dumbass friends trying to snowboarding shut the fuck up. queer

  5. bohemia
    bohemia says:

    Dear digdime and uppermichigan please go fuck yourself with a broom stick you are a pieces of shit. Michigan Tech is not full of a bunch of rich kids. We are simply trying to get a education something you guys obviously do not have. I would like to see your guys post an edit this good. If you are going to talk a big game back it up.

  6. jerm
    jerm says:

    people need to stop trying to burn people by making fun of gramatical errors, its weak. This teaser is pretty sick though and probably going to turn out one of the more sick to watch am videos this year.

  7. hey boy digs
    hey boy digs says:

    Im from the u.p. (born) and i went to school up der too. I’m glad you’ll have a job because you suck at snowboarding and I am just bored. Sorry.

  8. slimthug
    slimthug says:

    @jerm Fuck you! Don’t teach kids to be illiterate, the only way they will learn better spelling and grammar is through the insults of their peers.

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