Summit County JumpOff


Despite the term “jumpoff” in the name, this video is mostly rails. So we think you’ll enjoy.

Featuring Wes Walsh, Danny Tedesco, Silvia Mittermüller, Mike Casanova, Steve Lauder, Jack Kyle, Tylor Berreth, Sam Buckmelter, and Connor Paulson.

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  1. Windsor.
    Windsor. says:

    yeah, Utah is way better than colorado. I love 3% alcohol beer, shitty brown weed, mormons, sin taxes, terrible weed, slow drivers, awful weed, and less snowboarding terrain. Sounds way better. Oh And I love how the colleges are way better here too.

  2. starfox
    starfox says:

    the only thing that sucks about colorado are the fucking faget boulder bros who do power sqwat 900 flat spins on every feature at breck and keystone

  3. CU Boulder
    CU Boulder says:

    I’m a good school with good weed and good partying and good females and good snowboarding. Ignore the inevitable squat flatspin 900 guys and youve got yourself a good place to be.

  4. truth
    truth says:

    wow way to use shynes only decent song he’ll ever make since being released from jail, you blew it, colorado is fucking wack, wacker then shynes top hat and curls.

  5. Colorado Sucks
    Colorado Sucks says:

    Colorado Sucks. No one cares that you ride your snowboard everyday and do the same tricks. Your parents are not proud of your lifestyle. Your electronic music sucks. Same weed as any other neighboring state. Most everyone looks like they are tools that ride Breck. No Women.

    I rather be with a ton of hot blonde mormon broads then any number of you dubstep listening, rasta beanie wearing, chronic-masturbating, drug crazed, shitty snowboarders. As for any skiers, go fuck yourself rollerblading is way harder and hurts more. I hope everyone in Colorado shoves a go-pro on a stick up their ass so they can see how full of shit they are. Based God

  6. @ CO sucks
    @ CO sucks says:

    your a fucking retard, kansas, nebraska, wyoming, utah, new mexico have horrible weed. Ever hear of silverton or wolf creek? yeah didnt think so. Sorry your parents brought you to breckenfuck cause they dont have a clue about snowboarding/skiing and it ruined it all for you because you couldnt hit any features in park lane. suck a dick you pussy ass bitch, come logging at beaver creek youll tare your body in half on 9-5. oh yeah suckkkaa diiickkkkk

  7. frontLIPS&BACKboards
    frontLIPS&BACKboards says:

    ^this guy knows whats up. for all you assholes that love to sit on your macbook pro at your parents house in Utah, the mormon state, with no real beer ever to be found. Talk shit just to make yourself feel a little better this goes to you. Try riding beaver creeks logs, if that isn’t enough, try to ride the log masters at beaver creek, invite only. Try riding brecks logs, the 20-30 ft teeter is nothing but fun along with the down flat down right after that. Just because breck is americas butt hole for the sport of skiing and snowboarding doesn’t mean that CO isn’t fucking awesome. fuck all ya’ll haters. rep co.

  8. $ex Money
    $ex Money says:

    Why hasn’t anyone made a sexual reference to the slut at the start who looks like she’s bout to ‘jumpoff’ the couch and suck mad cock?

  9. Minneapolis
    Minneapolis says:

    Summit County isn’t bad. You have to stay away from the scene kids- zespleef crew, heady, all of the bullshit.

  10. basshole
    basshole says:

    hahahaha, @Jake, yea here in utah we’re super butthurt that shaun white doesnt ride here anymore, you’re a fucking genius.

    everyone who is saying that there’s no alcohol or good weed in utah has clearly never been here/is under the age of 21. colorado’s tight, but i live in utah because the snow is better and there’s a shitload more of it here than in co, plain and simple.

    oh, and my eyes can’t take all the neon o’neill gear and my ears aren’t retarded enough to deal with the dubstep

  11. poop
    poop says:

    if you can’t find good beer in utah you’re a fucking retard. wasatch brewing co, squatters brewing co, moab brewing co, epic brewing co, uinta brewing co…

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