Arnette Crew Clash 2.0: Mystery District vs Yawgoons


Next week we’ll have one week long battle to determine the crew that’s heading to Mt Bachelor and getting a cool g courtesy of Arnette Eyewear, but right now we have one more battle to get us there. At this point you know the drill. Watch the videos again if you feel you need to and then cast your one super important, highly informed vote.

Mystery District


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The voting will close April 13 at 5 pm PST.

The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort.

  • Yummy

    just give yawgoons the win already


  • LURK

    Yawgoons must have beer flavored nipples

  • regalia

    who’s got those mary rand nudies?

  • fake snow, 90% park footage, and baby-sized urban, for real?! vote MD

  • StupidMassPopulation

    I wish everyone would see that; yeah the Yawgoons are sick, but any decent rider with the right amount of time and tries in a park can get just about any banger trick they want! Verse street riding, and The Yawgoons took a Giant SHIT on street riding! What the Fuck was that?, Can you even call that urban riding? Oh and isn’t this suppose to be an Urban contest, NOT a park contest anyway? Please do the Right thing and vote MYSTERY DISTRICT and Don’t follow the Mass Population with your head cut off!

  • beershitz

    MD had the same amount of snow in their public parks as yawgoons did in the actual park

  • Le Grand Fromage

    Rhode Island had no snow this year numbnuts…that’s why there is so little urban is because that snow was there for maybe 2 days max


  • weinerhouse

    Stupid Mass Population, you’re an idiot. with or without “urban” that is so much more “legit” to you, the amount of creativity that yawgoons has wins hands down, lets see your edit from that resort, you fail.

  • G-Unot

    First off, if you refer to snowboarding in the streets as “urban” you might be suffering a severe case of borderline mental retardation. Snowboarders have some of the most suspect lingo…but anyways..YES! Mystery District did venture into the streets. However they didn’t make anything look good, have good tricks, or style (no I’m not hating – I’m just calling it like I see it).
    This video contest comes down to which crew made snowboarding look the best. It’s as simple as that. People are going to vote for whichever video was more appealing. Sorry Mystery District but they don’t care you ollied over a rail and electrical box with your Banshee Bungee. It’s clear that the Yawgoons are better snowboarders and no, I am not biased.. If the opposing video going against the Yawgoons was better I wouldn’t even be commenting.
    It’s clear though that the Yawgoons video is better and no I am not just reffering to the production, although that plays a big role. The Yawgoons video is more creative, more appealing, the riders have better style / board control, and better tricks.
    The best crew is going to win regardless, so people from the videos above don’t post comments trying to hype your video up…it’s ridiculous. I hate contests like this and most of all reading the comments. Watch the videos – M.D. looks like a bunch of rookies demanding respect on the comment board and the Yawgoons look like seasoned vets. Those guys are good snowboarders – put them in the right element and they will put it down.
    The two best videos in this challenge are This Must Be The Place and Yawgoons. I hope the best video wins.

  • omgumganapatayaynamaha

    stupid mass population needs to up their meds…how can you hate on the yawgoons?

  • upstatemike.

    for love of god, stop calling rails “URBAN”. it’s terrible and you sound a skier. it’s all snowboarding you fucking nerds.

  • upstatemike.

    MD at 1:47. this is why the yawgoons will win.

  • my last comment took me 3 hours of pretty intense thought before posting. I just want to see my friends win!

  • If snowboarding meant I had to hike rails everyday on a patch of snow, i would probably start rollerblading

  • Jerry the Great

    4 MUSK$PEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dough

    upstatemike are you trying to say that ginger is ruining their chances

  • Poon slayer

    Are all these videos from last year? It didn’t snow in America this year..I don’t think anyone understands

  • Who the fuck rides a skate banana faggot

  • Bugs Bunny

    no way mary rand is a chick

  • big meech

    marcus hows that shoulder…ready for bachelor i hope

  • Creach

    Yawgoons are cool but Rego is still a rollerblader

  • based on popularity not snowboarding

  • satchel

    Yawgoons has the best edit in this contest. Deal witit. Anybody who talks shit on here should have the balls to give me the head up so let me know if u wanna go toe to toe, knuckle to knuckle, dick to butthole.

  • yep

    apples to oranges. both great though.

  • dotcom

    What the Yawgoons were doing in their park was equivalent to urban. There is no way Yawgoo valley has a well-groomed park with cat time and a hired park staff. I’m pretty sure the Yawgoons set all that stuff up themselves.

  • bloodclot

    that cliff drop to rail was far gnarlier than any street shot in mystery district

  • bloodclot

    is that a skier i see in mystery districts screen shot in the blue hat and blue ski boots hahahaha YOU LOSE

  • colin

    Calling street rails urban is for people in colorado

  • G-money

    I don’t see why everyone is hating on calling urban urban because that is what it’s called. I also don’t understand why everyone is hating on Mystery Districts CRAZY urban shots, that was so pimp. Plus why all the hate against skiers, you all sound like the dick heads that make skiers hate snowboarders. Maybe if you would chill the fuck out skiers wouldn’t think all snowboarders are assholes

  • Mr. Orange

    just a little fact about Rhode Island… snowed once and only about 5″ and it was all gone about 3 days later… go easy on them because they did not have much “urban”

  • weasel

    I’m from mass and I’m proud

  • wtf

    I can’t vote wtf ?

  • villagepanda

    Follow @Dick_lyfe on twitter, and vote yawgoons

  • mysterydick

    yawgoo staff doesnt setup any of the features in their “park”. ever. the people who ride/locals set up everything themselves. and it changes prob twice a day. secondly all the so called “park footage” was setup by the crew. mystery district coulda been a lot better if they didnt waste a quarter its video time on lifestyle shots. shit, i dont care about a slow mo of your buddy smiling at the camera…

  • 208Son

    Mystery District all the way

  • truth

    if you dont vote yawgoons, then youre a fucking faggot

  • Mystery District.

  • did mystery district actually ramp every shot??

  • lxc999

    Kotbrats should win, they’re not just a marketing bubble. Kotbrats is about REAL passion, and REAL emotion



  • randomdudeontheinternet

    ok, both edits were sick, but everyone is hating on mystery district because the urban shots weren’t “gnarly” or “creative” but I really doubt that any of you have ever filmed or rode in the streets, its hard as hell. someone said yawgoons was better because they set everything up themselves….do you really think that mystery district just magically found some hand rails with lips? and someone said we have more snow in our park then they do. that’s true but you have about four times as many features in your park.

  • in dat shirt


  • God damn, I can’t get over how excellent that street method is at 2:36. MD has my vote.

  • @comment 43, Stop watching Tyler the Creature on youtube you wanka.

  • Jabron Lames

    i am voting yawgoons because they did fewer 50-50’s

  • no but seriuosly


  • jerm

    wanna fuck this little whore pussy? a little hairy twat? cum all over me big daddy i wanna bleed my pussah til it doesnt function properly XD

  • real board control and Dr. B’s filming are gonna take it all. yawgitty

  • wait… what kinda fisheye is that? it makes it look like it snowed in mass this year

  • upstatemike.

    mystery district has 3 foot lips up to their rails…

    yawgoons switch ollie garbage cans on flat.

    just sayin.

  • cust king

    Wow a lot of hate thrown towards the homies at yawgoo. Stop the hate and make the right choice. Vote yawgoons

  • 208Son

    Trolls be trollin

  • yo

    all the internet haters on here need to take these 3 easy steps…1. stop playing world of war craft. 2. go lose your virginity. 3. slit your wrist

  • ksdksf

    dylan and marcus and mary and brian

  • j dilla changed my life

    i’d put $20,000 on mary rand destroying any body in this contest in a rail jam and walking away with there head on a spike.

  • people

    somebody get brian skorupski a new hoody cause if i see another yawgoons edit with him in that orange hoodie im gonna shoot up a playground then commit hari kari

  • nameless

    is it normal when i see mary rand snowboard i get a tingly feeling in my penis? suggestions?

  • Rick


  • flip a coin

    fuck all of you. my vid shouldve won

  • g-money

    if you hate on yawgoo, just wait until you see those guys ride in person. fuckin banger after banger after banger after banger after banger after banger.

  • hamburger meat

    idiots. all of you kids, retards come over to swiss land and come snowboard you get blown out the fuckin water….but my votes go to mystery for creativity and not being bitch park rats

    thank you come again!

  • Wade Thomas

    you guys are all fags who bitch over a retarded sub par snowboard blog