Arnette Crew Clash 2.0: Stoop Kids vs This Must be the Place


We’re down to the final four. In this first of two round three battles we have two crews who are no strangers to Internet popularity and Utah snowboard parks, but only one can move on to the finals. You should watch the videos again, just to be sure, and then vote for the crew more deserving of vying for the grand prize: a trip to Mt Bachelor and a cool $1000.

Stoop Kids

This Must be the Place

The voting will close April 11 at 5 pm PST.

The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort.

  • Conner and jesse

    Like this if you think the word fags describes us well.

  • billy

    Needs more jeff the athlete

  • upstatemike.

    i went to utah once, it was weird. i wandered back to my hotel by myself, woke up covered in my own vomit with a text from some dude named “knucklez” saying he had my wallet and that it was “safe”. i may or may not have been drugged by mormons.

    anywho, this must be the place has this on lock. even though utah may not be the place for me.

  • ^ YoBeat needs to hire this guy

  • cat-luhvr69


  • LURK

    how are zeach kids winning right now

  • Conner and jesse

    why didn’t they put our gay sex footy in here? i thought the money shot could be ender…

  • JoeyD

    Stoop keeeids reppin the murder mitten

  • Dough

    The knife was so sharp, the pyrotechnics so shiny, and the song so dancy. This must be tha place doe!


    yawgoons > this must be the place

  • Connor and Jesse, call me 😉

  • Ryan

    I farted and a small amount of shit came out.

  • Connor Brown

    I guess dating a bitchy, ugly gypsy filmer chick isn’t working too well for my cover-up story.

  • This Must Be the Stoop.

  • Connor David Brown

    Good thing my bitchin’, babe gypsy (not really no homo) filmer chick is cool with me having gay butt sex on the side.

  • Snoop Dee Oh Double G

    Snoop Dogg says vote for Stoop, dawg.

  • dude

    you kids are lame as fuck. stop hating because theyre better at what you do than you are. fuckin faggots

  • ….

    which ever video has the most views on yobeats vimeo account should win in the end. ps goons are up by a lot

  • handrails and helmets doesnt look cool

  • turd furgason

    ^being a bed ridden vegetable doesnt look cool

  • more sponsors VG

    ^^turd furgason was a dope fiend



  • ezra

    stoop! jamie that was ill as fuck

  • Brett sweeney


  • wat kind of fisheye is that?

  • buhgawk

    stoop kids suck

  • Sheld

    this must be the place has it for me, even with their wanker knife shit

  • My Vagina must be the place

  • wtf?

    it seems like these guys should just be in one big crew

  • Zoid

    Those Connor and Jesse comments are so dang funny! Please! Post some more!!!

  • squares

    I’ve really fucking hated that song in tmbtp. Like a lot.



  • jamie orkin and ryan lanham are better than most at boardriding…

  • tmbtp namsayin

  • Conner and jesse

    Tranny finders…pure garbage till you added Andrew aldridge and Jordan morse to your crew

  • m

    these stoop kids on some real nigga shit. michigan on the come up

  • Connor Brown

    Vote stoop kids….one of the kid’s mom is a milf.

  • midden

    Sucks that no matter who wins theyre gonna get covered in yawgoon shit in the finals…

  • pattmearson

    we need more ben hannon

  • who the fuck are yawgoons anyway? and i don’t think i see them in this round anyway, so totally irrelevant.

  • Just Sayin

    We really should get a new voting system. everyone is definitely cheating. No way is there really that many people voting.

  • yourmom

    lets be real tmbtp was better

  • ….

    zeach kids ftw!

  • @cole antencio

    and who the fuck are you some sort of wannabe pro…u should change your comment name so u dont make urself look too stupid

  • Poon slayer

    ^maybe hes just not some faggot who put their names as Connor brown and comment fake shit. Who the fuck are you some idiot on yobeat who wants to hate on kids who are better than you at snowboarding?

  • Wait what the fuck just happened, i was on this sight an hour ago and all the sudden there are thousand more votes then before. Haha. both team definitely were cheating. I guess the stoopy kids are just better at cheating

  • Zoid


  • Creach

    yeah this was just a clicking contest, I was able to vote like 6 times

  • College

    I went to my local college and voted on all the computers in the lab today! Great Finish!

  • asds

    this must be the place got ripped off. what an upset

  • boner crown

    Why would this must be the place enter a yobeat contest when their mommies pay for their fancy cameras and travel fees?