Lucey’s First Skate Edit


Since we’re posting skate edits… Timmy Ronan, Granger, Beresford, Stevens, and Chris Cloud skate Rose Park, because let’s face it, winter never really worked out in Utah this year anyway.

Edit: Sean Lucey

  • dude

    “sean lucey is an artist” tag…
    someone explain why? not hatin just wondering

  • These guys make me want to quit life. So talented!

  • truth

    hes not, its a joke

  • tig ol bitties

    so how are so many decent edits rejected while this makes it. it was 2 minutes of stevens doing some cool shit while a handful of random no names throw down some ugly ass kickflips and shuv its. is this not a snowboarding website.. ?

  • chubbler

    @tig ol bitties

    I wouldn’t say “no names…”

  • DMT

    that was stupid i miss snowboarding

  • steamy mcqueef

    yeah dude if you think these guys are no names you obviously aren’t wit it. and just to clarify, you should probably get wit it.

    fuckin idiot

  • DerekWeimer

    Chris [email protected]#$en CLOUD! fire.

  • azn dad

    scott stevens wears cutoffs! like a real cool dood but on the real here’s a real skate edit fuckin snowboarders suck at skateboarding because their parents r too rich

  • pipewine

    Steezin 4 a weason


    chris cloud kills dee skateboard

  • poop dung poops

    eh, kinda boring/and heads-feet/choppedoff

  • these guys make me want to go skate…until i realize im not that good

    add grenier into this edit and itd the best ever

  • “snowboarders suck at skateboarding cause their parents are too rich”

    -azn dad