Welcome to the Yobeat Board Room


We recently moved into a new office and built ourselves a mini ramp, which means, watch out Berrics! This two foot tall monster is not great for productivity, but it sure is fun. Thus far, only a few have actually put down any moves of note, and Ben Graham is one of them. So we were like, Ben, let’s make a video. Here it is.

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  1. kvlt
    kvlt says:

    I’m not sure that qualifies as a miniramp.
    The builder must’ve heard Lil B the BASEDGOD fucking his bitch and bailed before adding that extra third foot of tranny.

  2. boobo
    boobo says:

    That stupid long ass comment u guys deleted had as much meaning as all of yobeat… peorid. Be passionate about something…..not just hate, hate, hate, make fun of….. and then when you finally produce something, it is so bad, shits funny.

  3. Sucka
    Sucka says:

    We don’t care that you try to skate or think you skate because you can do a rock and roll.

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