Arnette Crew Clash 2.0: Mystery District vs Breckognize


So far round two of this year’s Arnette Crew Clash has been HEATED. Guess that’s what happens when you give away cash and a free trip. We’re already halfway through this round and will have the top four before the end of the week. Exciting, right? Now hurry up and vote for your favorite before this battle is over.

Mystery District


Voting will close Thursday, April 5 at 9 am PST.

The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. New battles begin every day this week.


  • Dylan P

    Mystery District!

  • DirtDick

    Breckognize is pretty much future shawn whites in training

  • upstatemike.

    Breckognize is probably the gayest name ever, especially when written in rasta colors.

    Hans kills it tho.

  • rambo

    I’m voting for mystery district because they are really good at 50-50’s

  • i forsee

    yawgoons knocking out mystery district in the next round

  • lullzz

    mistery district deserves my vote, ain’t gonna win this contest with park footage in my opinion.

  • kvlt

    the mystery districts shall be victorious.

  • ze

    hans is is the next shaun white! 1260 double cork boot grabs! I just jizzed…. EVERYWERE

  • Dough

    I Like

  • heydudes

    @lullzz, I bet an edit with almost all park footage will when this contest, the yawgoons. Mystery district to round three.

  • Randy

    go unified!

  • District of Mystery

  • What an excellent method! I vote MD.

  • barry

    Mystery District by far!

  • Yarlo

    props to MD for even finding those spots, urban is shit in idaho

  • butt

    you gotta breckognize that breckognize had jump game. can’t just throw that out the window just cause yall love yo rails so much

  • Mystery District!

  • dude

    breckognize has the snowboarding to be good(minus the initial chuckers), its just such a gay edit and extremely gay name. breckognize?? really??

  • Yamos

    Breckognize’s video was like watching a commercial for a vacation to Breck

  • shappy

    Cut out everything in breck’s vid except the last two riders

  • What??

    butt knows his stuff. All the board control in Breckognize displayed much more skill than MD

  • Lose graciously people

    TMBTP almost lost last round. Had to rally some Facebook strangers there…

  • kittenluvr123

    @Whatt all of the riders in the Mistery District video could go to Breckenridge and put together just as good, if not better of a park edit than the other guys. Boardin in the streets is much harder not only to get away with, but to do the tricks that are not as easy as they are in the park. I’m sure the Mystery District put in much more effort to film this edit. Not just a weekend at breck with a gopro on a stick.

  • Brendan

    The overall vibe of Breckonize was pretty gay but dem supergroms do kill it. I would say md

  • ke$ha

    cannonball grab zeach