Alex Andrews Serves Up A Steaming Hump…Day


Ogden, Utah born and raised. Blotto Photo

I’ve known Alex since about 2008 and have always been down for him and his attitude. He’s motivated, knows what he wants, and works harder then just about anyone to get it. I’ve watched him come up big time over the years and he is just beginning to show the world what he can do on a snowboard. Growing up in Ogden and riding Snowbasin helped give him that natural snowboarder style but with a raw and creative skate mentality. I can’t really think of a better combo. I give him shit for most of his video parts goin’ down in the streets. But he’s got plans. Alex is in it for the long haul. Burton has his back 100% and he’s just getting started.

First off, what’s your stoke level right now? Mildly stoked? Crazy stoked?

Stoke level is mildly stoked. Actually probably crazy stoked because I’m always crazy stoked.

What have you been up to this winter? Give the kids an update. Who you filming with? What have you been riding? Any travels?

This season I’ve been hunting down snow mostly, but I’m filming with Burton for their movie which I’m stoked to be a part of, went to Alaska for a trip, other then that mostly riding here in Utah. Trying to scrape snow in higher elevations.

Yea this winter ain’t too good. Sounds like you’re making the best of it though. Who’d you go to Alaska with?

I went with Jeremy Jones, Zak hale, Blotto, Corey K, and Justin E. Rad crew but it was all of our first times to Anchorage so it took us some time to get our feet underneath us. Well mostly just me haha.

That’s cool. Solid crew. Did you feel kinda weird going up there to just hit urban shit while surrounded by epic mountains? Are there really that many untapped spots up there?

To be honest, every morning I would look at the mountains and wanna shred pow, but I do love to shred urban stuff and they have had a lot of snow up there this year so it made it cool to hit other things than just rails. It also made it a lot of work to shovel spots.

Damn. Yea I’m sure. At least there’s a lot of snow somewhere. Hyped to see some of the footage you got up there! Ever pissed off Jeremy since you’ve been on Burton?

Jeremy…he is always on my case about something. I haven’t ever pissed him off, he is actually hard to piss off, but loves to give you a hard time or mess with your head. I’m starting to get a back-bone with him, throw it back at him!

Alex puttin’ in work. Adam Moran photo

You mentioned to me you had a meeting the other day with People Water , what’s that all about? Are you turning down BIG bucks from energy drink companies yet?

People water is a new water company coming up. They are seriously rad! I was fortunate enough to meet one of the owners, he gave me the break down on the company and their goals. I immediately wanted to support the cause. Basically for every bottle purchased People Water will give an equal amount of clean water to a person in need. Last year they went to Nicaragua and drilled a well for a village! All I want to do is be a part of that and hopefully go with them in the near future and help a community. No energy drink company has hit me up, but all I know is that I would rather be a part of this cause over money any day.

You just saying that because Evan wouldn’t put you on Monster? Jussssssst kiddin! Sick, I like that though, seems like a really cool program. So you back the “Drink Water” guys?

I really back the Drink water guys! Not only are they my friends but I think they also have a dope cause and they don’t care about the money, just want to have a positive influence!

I was stoked for you to have a full part in “Retrospect”, were you happy with the result?

Well thanks brother bear! I was so hyped to be a part of VG! I really loved shredding with that crew. As far as my part goes I was stoked to have a solid season with no injuries, but for my own reasons I wasn’t too hyped on my boarding. I know that I can put together a better part so I guess I’m just being critical.

Critical is good. I thought it was pretty sick, for what it’s worth. I do agree though, I still think you got even more in ya and are gonna bring big things in the future.

I guess that’s it, I feel like I’m just starting.

You’ve also mentioned to me you “hate rails.” I know that’s exaggerated, but are you gonna start shifting your motivations away from rails and focusing more on all mountain terrain? After all, you did grow up in Ogden riding gnarly Snowbasin terrain. Aka, are you gonna try to be the next Jake Blauvelt?

Haha I did say I hate rails… I was taking out my frustration from today’s rail that myself and some friends hit. I really do want to start shifting my riding a bit. I love riding the mountains just as much as urban stuff, so I would like to show that in the future. Powder is by far my favorite thing to ride any day!

The kid has a real proper nosepress. Adam Moran photo

I guess I’m just saying I’ve seen you ride pow and drop cliffs, its fucking awesome. I want everyone to see that.

I would be hyped to get some stuff this year. We will see if I get the opportunity. Not just dad cam footy, some big daddy shit.

Hell yeah! So where do you want snowboarding to take you? How do you plan to stay on Burton for a while?

Well I really want to do this til the wheels fall off, I love everything about it! Snowboarding has already taken me down the path that I have always dreamt of, I can’t ask for much more than just keeping it alive. I’ve met so many friends and had so many awesome experiences. Most of all I want to be an influence for kids coming up. I want to be someone that they are hyped on. Hopefully Burton has my back on that. I think they do!

You’ve always had such a good attitude. So you’re not planning on going nuts and telling up n comers to fuck off? That’s not your plan?

Haha. No not at all. I don’t think it’s in my blood.

Ok, fair enough. Boring…

I hear ya. Who knows? I could fucking turn into that biker dude who will kick your ass if you even talk to me. That’s actually really likely.

So you’re a homeowner now. Any cool summer projects you got in the works?

Oh shit… My friends will laugh at this question. They always give me shit because I’m always working on the crib. I do have some projects in the works. Re-doing my kitchen as of now. Plan to plant an insane garden. But the biggest and coolest one for me is putting in a cement bowl.

Well you can totally have me over for a dinner and skate when it’s all done.

I’m going to change your life with my cooking. Not only with my cooking but my garden, too.

Oh yea? What’s your specialty?

Lately it’s pasta salad, but I got some shit in the works.

Well what do you cook for your girl when you’re trying to get some lovin?

She only eats mac and cheese. Swear to god. I make some dope shit and she makes mac and cheese.

That sounds sort of delicious actually. Mac n cheese all the time.

Not dad cam footy. Big daddy footy. Brighton. Gabe LHeureux photo

What’s in your garage right now?

Well, I have a Johnny Cash poster, quarter pipe, box, tool bench, lots of tools, naked chick posters, fridge, stereo, Harley Davidson Sporster, Honda XL 500 dual sport, pedal bikes, and my other Motorcycle is at SFK, that’s where I go to get advice from Simon on how to fab up my bike!

Damn dude, man cave. That’s about as good as it gets. All you need is a fuckin’ stripper pole or something.

Chick would be pissed! But I might be able to swing it.

You went to Japan last year, right?

I went twice last year.

Give me your craziest party story that won’t get you in trouble. I prefer one that actually will get you in trouble though. It’s for your fans. They want to know.

The first time I went to Japan I went with my work at the time, Crossroads. It’s a school for troubled teens, so no partying went down, but it was still an a good time, lots of pow! The second time which was this past November was for a contest in downtown Tokyo. That’s a little bit of a different story. Nothing too crazy went down, I do have a rad girlfriend so I had to keep it together. But Cam Pierce and myself got pretty loose the night of the contest and later went to a ramen bar. Next thing I know we walk out and it’s 11AM, we had chilled in there super trashed for probably 4 hours. It was really weird, I just went straight to breakfast and had a bloody mary. I can’t really give details on the club part. Lots of dancing went down…Japanese dancing…Let your mind wander.

YoBeat approves this handplant. Gabe LHeureux photo

How much do you love your chain wallet? Scale 1-10.

For sure 10, been running it since 4th grade

What size should my first motorcycle be?

For you, a buddy 125.

I said MOTORCYCLE. But you’re probably right, god damnit.

1400 big dog chopper.

Worst thing about living with Sean Black?

Do I even have to explain… Megaphone for a voice. Or his ex girlfriend.

What skater should I compare you to?

Daniel Lutheran. Some kids thought I was him in Italy.

Some kids thought I was Lizard King once.

Haha, awesome!

X-Games real snow champ?

Shit, I like them all. But Lou is number one.

Favorite band right now?

Hard one.. Black Angels is always playing in my truck.

Favorite video part of all time?

Fuck you, I like so many.

Give me top 3.

Jeremy Jones Shakedown, Scotty Wittlake Destroyer, Travis Parker Afterbang or any of his parts in Robot Food.

So down with those.

Destroyer is #1 movie.

Sooo do you still get drunk off like, 4 beers?

No, I’m broken in now.

Sponsor shouts and thank yous?

Yes, thanks to my family and friends first and foremost! Second would be the peeps that support my snowboarding; Burton, Analog, Bern, Mica, Ashbury, People Water, Brighton, and all the people down for my snowboarding.

Alex Andrews in Videograss’ “Retrospect”

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