Ride Shakedown – A Fourth Title For Sebastien Toutant


Dillon Ojo earns his first Coors Light Rail Jam Title
First rail jam podium for Sébastien Toutant
Saint-Sauveur, March 30, 2012 — It was a beautiful first day for the 11th edition of the Ride Shakedown presented by Videotron at Mont St-Sauveur, which saw newcomer Dillion Ojo triumph in the Coors Light Rail Jam. The crowd came out to witness some of the best riders in the world battle it out in the rink they know; the always-unique rail setup found only at the largest slopestyle snowboarding competition in the country.Though the odds were in favour of American Joe Mango, who stepped up to the plate on all three of the rail features, Dillon Ojo, a 16-year-old rider from Saint Hubert, Québec, walked away with the Coors Light Rail Jam title. Ojo earned his spot in the semi final round thanks to his win at the Taxis Hold’em 2011, an official Ride Shakedown qualification event, and walked away with a solid $5,000.
A breathless Ojo uttered, “I’m feeling pretty good! I’ve been looking forward to this since I qualified at the Taxis Hold’em. I’m still a little dazed because of my bail, but I feel pretty good!”  The second place winner was none other than Ride Shakedown triple champion Sébastien Toutant (19 years old), from l’Assomption who earned his first rail jam podium and $3,000. Rivière-du-Loup native Frank April (24 years old) came in third for a repeat of the 2011 edition, walking away with a $2,000 purse. Honorable mentions are in order for 21-year-old Jonathan Truchon from Chicoutimi, 18-year-old Jacques-Olivier Emond of Saint-Sauveur, and 19-year-old Nickolas Séguin of Gatineau, who all qualified as amateurs to join the invited professionals in this Coors Light Rail Jam final.  As is the case every year, the setup offers three options, each more challenging than the next : a choice between two 20-feet down rails ending in a slight kink over a flight of stairs, a balcony-style option standing in front of the Videotron lodge beginning and ending in 90 degree angles, and lastly, over luminescent cubes, a straight-down rail. New this year, the rail setup is interactive; the cubes light up, following the riders as he progresses through the course.  Head judge Alexandre Auchu has seen many a setup, yet still stands firm, “the visual appeal of the rail setup is impressive while still offering the riders a challenge. Amateur athletes successfully adapted to it and the pros used it to their advantage”.

During the Oakley amateur qualifications, 33 riders pushed their limits in a valiant effort to join the 40 invited professionals in the Ride Shakedown semi-final set for Saturday afternoon. In their respective order, Repentigny native Christopher Collard (22 years old), Aurora (Ont.) rider Derek Livingston (21 years old), and Shawinigan native Christopher Houle (18 years old) successfully combined their best two of three scores to qualify. They move on to the next level of competition. For anyone looking to celebrate these victories, the first of three official Ride Shakedown Coors Light afterparties will be taking place at Bourbon Street Club in Sainte-Adèle as of 10 p.m.. Saturday is not to be missed! The day kicks off at noon with the Snowboard Canada Magazine autograph session. Come meet your favorite pro riders before they head to the course for the long awaited semifinal round at 2 p.m.. Enjoy the many activities available in the partner village or watch the annual Push.ca halftime show at 5 p.m., where invited skateboarders take to the same rail set-up used by snowboarders. As of 7:30 p.m., Mont Saint-Sauveur will be taken by storm as the final unfolds. Once the winner is announced, it’s off to the Mont Avila Bar for the official Coors Light afterparty of this 11th edition of the Ride Shakedown.

Unique competition format
What makes the Ride Shakedown such a hit and cut above the rest is its unparalleled competition format. Seen as a huge snowboarding festival both for the forty-some international athletes and the 80 amateurs, the Ride Shakedown offers a unique competition format with minimal constraints on the athletes. The competition requires a mastery of two distinct disciplines: the jump (Big Air) and an original rail feature unveiled only on the first day of competition. Placed at the heart of the action, the public benefits from an accessible yet breathtaking show.

Partners of the Ride Shakedown presented by Videotron
The 11th Canadian edition of the Ride Shakedown is made possible thanks to the support and participation of Ride Snowboards, title sponsor, Videotron, event presenter, Mont Saint-Sauveur, Empire, Oakley, Coors Light, Rockstar, as well as XtraSlush, Shakedown MFG, POP Headwear, Snowboard Canada Magazine,Push.ca, Boa, MOOG Audio, 33mag.com, Slash Magazine, NRJ, Consignaction, Troublemakers, Vans, Schick and Moe’s Bar & Grill St-Sauveur.
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Dizzle Entertainment, architects of the Ride Shakedown
The two founders and partners of Dizzle Entertainment, Brendan O’Dowd and Patryck Bernier, from Montreal, Canada, have been providing event-oriented design, marketing and management services since 2004. Over time, they have added to these. They now provide services as athletes’ agents and consultants on the design and creation of snowboard parks. Today, Dizzle is credited with major accomplishments including design, branding and management of snow parks for Mont Saint-Sauveur
International and the international snowboard events Ride Shakedown. They are also responsible for the design and distribution of Shakedown MFG, a clothing and accessories line available online at www.shakedownmfg.com. For more information: www.dizzleinc.com.

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