Nitro’s HYPED!


Nitro Snowboard Co. announces the release of their upcoming snowboard film HYPED!. The video will be released for free online as well as limited edition DVD in selected retail stores fall 2013.

HYPED! will challenge the conventional snowboard film format and try to convey the feeling you get while snowboarding with your best friends on a perfect day. “Making a different type of team video was a huge endeavor to take on, especially during my first year on the other side of the industry. After seeing how much all the riders enjoyed filming for the movie, the smiles, falls, tricks, pranks, trips and the early edit from Per-Hampus, I would love to do this every year. This video project defines the reason I snowboard!” — Knut Eliassen (Rookie Nitro Marketing Guy)

It’s not always about one-uping your peers; sometimes it’s about enjoying the time you have on your snowboard. Documenting the Nitro team all over the globe, we experience sub par contest and resort riding in China, spin to win on the side hits of Bear Mountain, tits deep powder in the Austrian mountains, Boat trips in the fjords of Norway, Rails in Alaska, Park riding with friends, and much more.

Featuring Bryan Fox, Eero Ettala, Jon Kooley, Austin Smith, Justin Bennee, Knut Eliassen, Markus Keller, Anton Gun, Nils Arvidsson, Sam Taxwood, Erik Botner, and many more…

Stay hyped!

Nitro Snowboard Co.

  • gotti

    I want more… that was sweet

  • dude

    would be tighter if tuddenham was in the lineup

  • yippi

    dude: classic downer

  • ischgl