Boardin’ Boreal 5


Wanna bHappy? Go ride Boreal, bro!

Video by Paul Heran and Bryce Hymans

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  1. ChaunceyMcFadden
    ChaunceyMcFadden says:

    So where is that red dfd at the end? I always see the yellow one when I go, but never a red one..

    Last year footage?

  2. karnkarn
    karnkarn says:

    Joey opener for the down rail was perfect. Tricks are all on point. Nosetap nollie backtail on the close out by Nial is a good one to rewind. Be Happy!

  3. bigUpYosewf
    bigUpYosewf says:

    That red dfd has been there for a few weeks. The park staff is killing it with fresh parks every couple weeks.

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