It’s Up to YOU to save the Snowboard Industry

There are two things I have taken away from this internship so far: Brooke fucking hates reggae music, and the snowboard industry is not nearly as “legit” as one might be tempted to think. Basically it is a bunch of shredders who at any moment could unknowingly crash the entire industry into one gigantic fucked up disaster. We the shredders must realize that we are the 99%. If we allow the 1% to dictate where the industry goes: Sports Center here we come. Listed below are six steps that you can personally take to ensure the safe passage of the snowboard industry into the next couple of years. This madness must be stopped.

1. Poach a Ski Mountain

It’s hard for me to say with certainty whether or not I think mountains should still ban snowboarders. Part of me finds it comforting that one part of society still hates us so much. Seriously, when the fuck did having your daughter date a snowboarder become a good thing? We gotta do some more shit to get back onto society’s shit list. Hike to the top of a ski mountain and powder slash everyone you see on the way down. Give them a reason to ban us for another 10 years.

2. Hike Some shit.

Work for your turns so you can appreciate the ridiculous privilege you have to be riding a snowboard instead of being a sex slave in India or something. It is easy to get spoiled when you are riding a moving couch to the top of the mountain, so go au natural, it feels nice.

3. Ride powder as much as possible

If you desire solely to slide on rails, then move to southern California and ride a skateboard. I’ll break it down like this: Skateboarding is about destroying the concrete terrain that society has built. It”s taking what is there, and using it to get gnarly. Surfing is also about conquering the terrain that is handed to you naturally. At its purest root, snowboarding is about the relationship between you and the natural terrain of the mountain. So forget that rail for second, and go find some fucking powder.

4. Stop drinking energy drinks.

Getting little kids jacked up on this garbage is is not cool. Chill on that shit and drink some water, nature’s original energy drink. The part that freaks me out the most is how much money those companies have to throw around. Seriously, Shaun white doesn’t even show up to the X Games anymore without getting paid, so imagine how much they must have paid him to ride that personal halfpipe I kept hearing about? 

5. Keep supporting Snowboard movies.

Snowboard movies must never become a thing of the past. Without them, shredding will be recognized based on contests, and we will be forced to watch future Shaun Whites in shitty commercials for the rest of our days. Competitions are cool and all, but we must never lose support of the riders who go out and shred nature’s playground. An example of a competition that doesn’t suck: any banked slalom.

6. End it at triple corks

Triple Corks are the illegitimate child of the snowboard industry. JP walker did that shit by mistake off of a back-country booter in Shakedown, and now everyone is confused and trying to out-do each other. Seriously, When the fuck did snowboarding turn into a hybrid between Olympic aerial skiing and gymnastics? I’m doing my best not to sound old by hating on where the sport is heading, but people need to get stoked on good ol’ classic shredding. Instead of trying a triple cork, try a switch method instead.

Obviously there are more ways to keep the shred alive, but we’ll leave those, faithful reader, up to you. After all, who am I to say what’s right? No one, that’s who.

  • kak

    switch method on an 80ft kicker > quintuple cork

  • bDr

    switch method over the baker road gap>>>

  • Brewster

    nice quick read, have fun snowboarding! Its easy to lose sight of why you actually snowboard and get rapped up in this bullshit of an industry we have. Support the brands you know do it for the love of snowboarding, rather than the love of money.

  • spence

    This is the best thing yobeats ever done

  • Support local shops and companies.

  • Pete Zahut

    I agreed with this entire thing ,except the triple cork saying that shit is “crazy” and a cross between aerial skiing, its a gnar trick fursur but people were saying 1080’s were way to gnarly ten years ago and there was sno possible way to go bigger, and that 10’s were like aerial skiing, its the way the sport goes and obviously the people triple corking are the best in the game, I’m gna go poach l8

  • Wild Robot Style

    Kids, stay out of the park till the powders tracked.

  • ble

    if youve never ridden pow, go on vacation

  • turd ferguson

    wow. one of the better articles and outlooks i’ve read on snowboarding, period.

  • hmmm

    thanks for that

  • Renfrew

    don’t support ski companies or corporations. support the actual snowboard brands.

  • Snowboarding, it was better when you hated us.

  • tyrone biggums

    this new intern is the shit! this article almost got me as jazzed up as crack does!

  • BenR

    nice work. I’m doing my best to keep the dream alive….50 days so far this season, and I’ve done exactly one board slide….the mountain is a park, go ride it

  • rhys

    best article on yobeat ever. fact.

  • not bad. but ive always thought it best to let people do what they want. if they want to go the route of big jumps and the most spins and flips possible let them, maybe thats what gives them the most please. turning through fresh snow is incredible, but maybe its not for everyone. i feel snowboarding has developed enough to the point where there can be several different avenues for people to get amped.

  • Dr. Evil

    i agree with brooke. fuck reggae!

  • chea

    jp walker did a double not a triple you bumbum

  • nascar

    we should set up a weekend where everyone poaches their home mountain and does huge trains of switch methods over every jump. maybe this only sounds like a good idea cause i’ve been drinking since 12, but regardless it seems like it would be fun

  • ano

    get an education and get a job in the industry. The more legit snowboarders in the industry, the better.

  • The new Jerm, cause the old one must be high

    Has Jerm been smokin a buncha moles or something?!? way too zen Jerm – go back to shitting on kids for everything, nothing they do is cool or ok – it all sucks. You kids suck no matter what you do, unless you ski sometimes and rock saga

  • ahaha

    the internet, shaun white, gopro, and yobeat- all need to be destroyed for the sake of snowboarding

  • da da da

    real talk intern, real talk.

  • guy

    the “industry” isnt going anywhere. put your board on and ride down a hill. simple as that.

  • moles put me on the floor every time. ive always thought people can do whatever they want. but when they come looking for approval is when its time to slap them upside the head.

  • ezra

    hey everyone: he’s just joking, powder sucks, stay in the park….

  • barry

    This article fucking rules. Slash some powder and do some back ones!

  • tBow

    Thats because Reggae does suck you idiot

  • eastcoastice

    im gonna make tshirts that say “Shawn White is NOT snowboarding!”

  • LObStER

    This guy is obviously a hippie:-) I do agree on most of the stuff, but I think that snowboarding is all about having fun, shred with friends and ride what ever you want and dont take it to seriously. I dont think it will make snowboarding better if riders start to act like a**holes (read tall tee park skiers). And when it comes to Shaun White, he is not a snowboarder, hi is a “rockstar”. Seems like he will do anything for money, and thats not what snowboarding is about in my eyes.

  • Garrett Rietveld

    When I saw the “We Drink Water” shit I stopped reading… Drink PBR ya fuckers.

  • makefriendsordietryin

  • John J

    I agree Jerm, your britches have gotten too big

  • jmc

    Cool to see someone say a lot of this stuff here.

    I wish this kind of sentiment would find its way into the current crop of videos… pretty tired of watching dudes get slingshotted onto handrails or lap parks. Would love to go back to the way videos were before parks were so prevalent and this whole weird street snowboarding thing caught on, when it was just people riding the mountain and doing tricks on stuff that wasn’t meticulously set up to be perfect for them to do tricks on.

  • Best thing ive read on yobeat this year. good job. except the pow thing. most people in the US didnt have any snow, let alone pow this year. A+ list.

  • m.c. craw

    babylon brooke!

    fucking stellar piece here, terry. come back north sometime eh! we still gettin’ it

  • dsb

    You guys really needed this after that hipster fruit gave us his look at snowboarding from the ‘outside’ world.


  • poop dollar

    We need to make sure that all new video’s are filmed with GOPROS… there the best

  • ballsballssuperdicks

    beer sponsorship>energy drink sponsors

  • KIP

    this is so awesome.

  • Chester Cheesecake

    come to Europe – ignored by the industry for years if not ages. have fun with the core stepchild of the us scene!

  • CO

    This is the best Yobeat article.

  • Sandusky

    Rape children

  • brighton

    Poach Alta day March 31st.

  • “Or else we are no better than the skiers”
    but posts saga ads on the side

  • aw

    Don’t buy skiboards

  • scotty wittlake spits the truth —- get the skinny.

    follow @shaunyt8

  • upstatemike.

    all valid points, but also nothing new. snowboardings been gay for awhile now. thats why whenever i go riding, all i do is yell, haul ass, jump off of shit, and snake people. the way snowboarding should be. the kids need to learn that that shit is way more fun than twirlybirds in halfpipes, or snowboarding will be screwed.

  • mitch

    everything was ocrrect except for not hitting rails. dont get me wrong everyone should ride powder but if somewone wants to ride park then they should fucking ride park, snowboardings all about doing what you want anyways