Arnette Crew Clash 2.0: Breckognize vs Boot Pack


Despite the pleas to just show the Yawgoons/Lick the Cat battle already, we’re not budging. In fact, we’ve got two more battles before we get there. Remember when your grandmother told you patience is a virtue? Well that’s bullshit, but what doesn’t kill you may actually make you stronger and we’ve got two solid videos from the western states for you to bicker over right now. So watch em, and then vote wisely. The winning video will be up against Mystery District next round.


Riders: Nils Mindnich, Hans Mindnich, Keegan Axtell, Josh Boeser, Jade Phelan, Pauly Hvizda, Seth Hill
Filmer Editor: Graham Merwin
Location: Breckenridge

Boot Pack

Riders: Johnny Shefler, Chris Crane, Garrett McCarthy, Connor McCarthy
Location: The Wild West
More videos:

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  • DrDSag

    Boot pack, get on my sack.

  • spence

    bootpack blows

  • RustBus

    I like bootpacks handplants

  • chauncy

    damn those were both boring. good tricks in breck edit but im goin with bootpack cuz i dont care to see all breck park footy. wtf guys wheres the street stuff.

  • chauncy

    or maybe ill vote breck??? who knows?

  • this must be the B squad

    Which video is this must be the place i want to vote for that one.

  • weinerhouse

    either are going to ultimately lose

  • yadadada

    ya there’s no street in the breck one, but it’s still a damn good video and the editing was fucking dope. plus there’s definitely some banger tricks noone has ever seen before. I’m voting breckognize

  • I was going to vote for whoever chauncy voted for but I can’t figure out who that is:(

  • Riley Goodwin

    Both of the songs in these videos make me want to quit snowboarding.

  • Cal Clutterbuck

    Bootpack. No question.

  • Cal Clutterbuck

    and you suck spence

  • cbrown

    Did you guys hear park city might have to close down? that must not be the place to ride next season at all

  • flip a coin


  • yobeatmyselfwithafork

    sushi anyone?

  • grahamiam

    its true ive been hearing they might not be able to renew their lease or something. vote for breckognize you know its pretty dope for a park edit

  • Gremsy

    im commenting to attempt to hype up my own video without it being too obvious

  • #TheRealJuicyJ

    is josh boeser gonna have the ender in working for the larf?

  • hmmm

    bootpack – park edits are for babies

  • bonedeth

    both of these crews blow compared to everyone else and de fuk is with the song choices

  • Timwindells’ballsack


  • Larry Hoover

    Park City better stay open or else there will be so many fucking skiers and jump jocks at brighton. Therefore, it will not be the place.

  • heydudes

    is this still the same comp? breck crew needed an extra 40 seconds to make a monotoneous park edit, at least boot pack made an attempt at being creative and rode some pow so i guess they get my vote?

  • heydudes

    breck crew shouldn’t of even been allowed in, 40 s over is some bullshit, at least half those shots could have been cut and you couldnt manage to follow the same rules as everyone else? this battle only leaves me with questions and a brain that hurts


    Randy with the heaters!

  • cats

    I liek cats

  • cats

    Oh shit theres actually a crew with cat in their name, I withdraw my comment.

    I liek turtlez.

  • turd ferguson

    i felt happy while watching boot pack, i did not feel as happy watching breckognize

  • colin

    i thought it was cool they through some powder riding in this contest but the guys from boot pack look like they need to learn how to snowboard

  • Wheres apple?

  • joshboeser

    Chauncy your gay. street shots are saved for wftc ya fink. you dont leak shots on a video contest. sally i love you. love randy. double corks and cannon ball grabs. Monument snowboards for life! breckognize summit county shredding. WFTC

  • #TheRealJuicyJ

    @boeser, quit gettin drunk and claimin wftc, your makin a fool of yourself. candygrind for life is what i think you ment to say.

  • joshboeser

    @#TheRealJuicyJ who are you? I like makin a fool of myself and getting drunk. who da neighbors

  • fuck the breck

    god damn it, Breckenridge is so gay. Also Connor Mcdonald rides there so thats a double gay

  • squares

    well, i wont vote again. for the third time.

  • Poon Slayer

    fuck breckognize, so boring to watch, jesus

  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    Neither of these places must be the place. I WANT FLIPPIN WEEKEND.

  • I voted for boot pack, but mystery district was much better

  • csm

    not trying to shit on the kids in the first edit because there sick, but watching kids rip only pow doing shit that looked fun made me want to go snowboard more….

  • turd ferguson

    god damnit how is this close, boot pack deserves this one big time.

  • Cat-O

    I hate myself for watching that.

  • flactorslu

    fuck park footy. both songs suck. but at least those kids are trying to do stuff other then the park especially brecks park. bootpack

  • mehhh

    i voted for boot pack despite all the flailing because seriously, fuck colorado, it’s boring to watch a bunch of clown suits do ugly park rail tricks and spin really fast off huge jumps. although that one back seven melon in the first edit that was fucking sick

  • frontLIPS&BACKboards

    both are bad. no street. all park. neither.

  • GBP 4 LIFE

    @ Josh Boeser- Your WFTC? Your not on there website? You went on 2 rail trips with them congrats, no shit your not gonna leak your street footage you only have 5 shots you fink. Your a turd. This video Sucks so bad i cant believe you would be a part of it since you CLAIM WFTC…figured youd be on that Jon Stark im too fucking cool tip. And get rid the cannonball bro you look like an idiot. No one at Keystone Digs you. Go back to steamboat.

  • Tony Danza

    Welp, I almost voted for boot-pack just because they aren’t from Breck.. but then I actually watched the videos and just decided not to vote.

  • scummitcountyshred

    @GBP 4 LIFE
    i laugh how you hate on the breck video that has 2 vermont kids in it who are friends with the gremlinz. not to mention them and boeser are probly way better than you at snowboarding. stop being such a faggot talking shit over yobeat. you clearly take snowboarding too serious along with half this site. Just have fun and go shred you fucking retard. you’re just giving your crew a bad name , go fuck ya self

  • joshboeser

    @GBP 4 LIFE . i love snowboarding and having a good time with my friends snowboarding. every one in wftc is all about that. those are my friends and i love them. quit hating ya finkle.

  • GBP 4 LIFE

    Scummitcountyshred- Whos my crew? GBP?.. Its a name.. and its a joke by the way.. lol talk about taking things to seriously… Yea well it awesome being at the bar at having some kid drunk everytime running up to saying wftc 2! what do you know! jon stark is the shit the videos gonna be so awesome.. and hes not even a city worker… hes gonna have 5 shots. the kids a turd and so are you. Im sure your down the Nightmare and CandyGrind ….and jsut cause yr from VT doesnt make you a gremlin retard.

  • scummitcountyshred

    did i say they were in GBP or did i say they were friends with them? and theyre your crew you say, so your just a huge fanboy then? youre so cool man! and ya i live in summit county so i automatically rock a nightmare board and candygrind gloves duhh! kids like you make snowboarding that more unenjoyable, sorry we have fun shredding man now please shut the fuck up

  • welp

    ^ this is the dumbest comment conversation on Yobeat.

  • GBP 4 LIFE

    Claimers are lame. Bottom line. And even more so if your Claiming shit your barely a part of.

  • braahhh

    Just wanted to emphasize welp, a bunch of highschool girls fighting over who is going to be prom queen on yobeat?

  • fuck the ben

    at least i have fun riding with the homies everyday and not hating on people so go eat a dick.

  • slappy

    Cheddar go suck it easy ya bit! you giving gremlinz a bad rep.

  • FWP

    Ahh breckenridge… it really makes you want to goto keystone.

  • LURK

    Fuck school, eat pizza.

  • kileymac

    both crews sick and use what they have. boot pack has fun slashes and tranny but gotta go with breckonize cuz josh boeser is the man. the kid slays and is too humble to destroy any of u dingles thru this comp. accept and move on. peace

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