FootyFiend Overload!


Boardin’ on Blackcomb with Nelson Languedoc, Blake Payne, Cody Wilson, Keenan Filmer, Brennan Kurchak, and Alex Stathis.

Filmed by Jordwan and edited by footyfiend apprentice Kai

  • Mike Blunder

    That was Amazing!

  • Renfrew

    footyfiend for prez

  • bDr

    its fucked up living on the east coast and having to watch this, place looks like heaven.

  • Torrey

    Yeah Blake

  • M3TH


  • stathis is a real nigga

  • SlanginCrack

    This purp got me out my mind. Good shit as always from FF.

  • what song is that??????????????

  • llama

    yeah nelly!

  • Cha Boy

    WHATCHU WANT. Footyfiend proper as ever.

  • Barrack Obama

    Alex Stathis, best style in snowboarding
    Chicago Bulls, best team in basketball

  • Frankenstien

    Even I liked this video… and come on, I’m Frankenstein.

  • kittenpuncher

    I fukin’ love these guys

  • Peak Season


  • Stathis fetus slayer