VegHead’s Hardly Winter Teaser


This teaser is sure to have every Yobeat fan’s tight pants get even tighter in the crotch after watching.

Riders: Ben Poechman, Mark Goodall, Chris Fellner, Gordon Birnie & Friends

Filmers: Andrew Wyton and Alex Bielawski

Travel Video & Part Video in 1 DVD
For sale June 2012

  • weinerhouse

    dope, makin’ it happen

  • Canada is…..

    super sick but the song as been already used, but who gives a fuck

  • really cool animation. looking forward to seeing the final product

  • parkslay3r

    lol street rails are so easy. riding and getting one trick at a time is stupid. trying flowing a snowboard park and try putting a mad sick line together. also theres way more consequences because sometimes the conditions are icy and it hurts.

  • get fucked

    parkslay3r. you’re an idiot. go back to transworld

  • chzz

    could have totally found a better sabbath song

  • hahaha

    For sale? sorry guys if you actually want people to see all the hard work you put into the movie, make it free cause no one wants to pay. Even the fucking Keep the Change movie was free.

  • Uruguay

    Your guys movie sucked last year. Who dick did you guys sucks to get it transworld last year?

  • jed plays with sharp objects n shiit, niceee. I must say fellas, this looks like some grade A milk steak. looks sick, im down wit it.

  • poop

    @get fucked: if you read parkslay3r’s entire comment you’d see that he was being sarcastic..

  • $ex Money

    Jerms loose vagina got even looser when he watched this teaser