Arnette Crew Clash 2.0: Team Lees vs Unified Crew


Team Lee’s

Location: Washington
Featuring: Riley Goodwin, Garrett Read, Greg Phillips, Jay Hergert, Jacob Krugmire, Stefan Krumm, Dylan Trewin
Filmed by: Garrett Read, Lucas Thompson, and Ian Smith
Edit by: Garrett Read
More videos:

Unified Crew

Location: Oregon
Riders: Kyle Staggs, Ryan Gossett, Justin Sampson, Justin Norman, Jd and Will Dennis and Troy Costa
Film and edit: Troy Costa
More videos:

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Voting will close Sunday, March 18th at 5 pm PST.

The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. New battles begin every Monday and Thursday and run for three days each.

  • Gerg!

    Yobeat, do you know that your captcha isn’t doing anything (voted without any input)?

    I liked both, but really liked the creativity from Unified.

  • geronimo

    where the fuck did Unified come from

  • brohan

    Team lee’s was cool.

  • chauncy

    i liked lee’s riders style, all of them. but i voted unified cause there vid was dope. no park and interesting setups.

  • dub corks or gtfo pussys

  • DirtDick

    I’m voting unified crew cause they have a better shot at taking down tmbtp

  • geronimo

    unified = yawgoons wannabees

  • ummm

    does anybody care about their arms anymore?

  • Jordan

    ^chauncy Unified had seven park jump shots ya dick head, both where sic though

  • Unified Crew

    Man fuck team lees. Bunch a pussy ass faggots if you ask me. No street, small powder. They should have stepped there shit up to our level. You see our back yard PVC pipe set up? Shit was ill and super technical. Get at us!

  • C Brown

    Vote for leems team because we can beat them way faster in the second round.

    Thanks TMBTP.

  • Jesse Gouviea

    I used to be a tranny finder

  • Sloth

    good thing unified crew didn’t have any of there park footy in there. if they did they woulda got a all free trip to Austria to become a nike pros.

  • Doug Fagel

    They must’ve watched my backflip tutorial on youtube for

  • i think they both are neat, but you can see the difference in the time and effort by unified, and oregon is also saweaeet

  • krugmire is in the first team… fuck, I’m voting the other team.

  • Sweater Puppets

    most of the unified dudes are super good but their edit didnt really show it like i feel it could have. my vote’s going for Lee’s.

  • MoleHole

    I voted for unified becuz they rip the fattest moles

  • Erik Overson

    team lee had way more style and tech. unified just looked like a banshee bungee ad from a backyard/house setup

  • Troy Costa

    @erik, we definitely love the bungee, pretty sure everything we hit would have been impossible without it, especially that jump line

  • Troy Costa

    and snowboarding in backyards is the heaviest, duh

  • Mr. Orange

    I liked both but in Lee’s an ultrafear in pow?

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    Oregon over Washington…. no question

  • learnhowtousewords

    How many of you retards don’t know how to use “THERE” vs. “THEIR”?

  • Maine Snow?

    yobeat needs to have a comp call Yobeat-off

  • JD snowboards?

  • im gonna go with “molehole” on this one

  • colin

    1:46 WHAT THE FUCK

  • colin

    1:46 unified crew video WTF

  • RyanRanham

    Unified Crew didnt hit one actual rail. It was all roofs and ride-ons. therefore, Team Lee’s gets my vote

  • RyanRanham

    and corrugateds

  • pownowkow

    Northwest is the best west

  • Chauncy

    Interesting ranham. But there spots
    Still hi risk. If I were to say ranham your a tranny finder

  • heydudes

    @colin, they’re called corrugated tubes, set ground hi to maximize fun, you slide on them with your board, they’re awesome, take em for a slide sometime big boy

  • beavis

    if unified crew wins yobeat wont have to send them to bachelor since thats their home mountain… SICK!

  • Chrismafugincloud

    lifey shots of bungee pulls makes snowboarding look incredibly horrible.

  • eastcoastice

    unified but i’ll admit im biased since i love Mt Flatchelor!

  • unified crew

    1:17=double zeach. so creative

  • unified crew

    i meant 1:47 fuck me

  • chad

    Riley Goodwin is a fucking kook.

  • summitloc

    yeah fuck that Riley guy, one time he hit me with a snowball off the lift and broke my head phones.

  • dude

    those were both sick. damn.

  • im voting for unified crew just because i hate krugmire so much. juskee but seriously

  • unified

    @dude, both are sick is the best comment on here, all the edits on here have been next level for this comp and snowboarding in general, keep it goin boys and girls

  • unified

    and good call guy on bungee pulls, i never really thought about it, it was a big part of our season so far. homies comin out to get shots and end up just pullin bungee to help other friends get shots, so we figured it should be there, but yeah i feel you, not that natural feel of board, man, and the terrain bein one without cords in the mix

  • Dig

    I didn’t vote my shit won’t play vimeo

  • chauncy

    sweet dig

  • Canada is…..

    really dont wana vote for unified for 2 reasons they pvc and corragateds tubes and the filmer and riders are commenting on every negative comment about them…

  • Canada is…..

    and the song sucks

  • LURK

    lifes a double corrugated zeach and then you team lee’s!

  • bigboy587

    unified all the way boyz!

  • braahhh

    brahhh, are crews not allowed to participate? or are only mouth dumps allowed? most of the responses if you look are either agreeing with the negative comment or agreeing with the positive comment, you just don’t like anything positive because you’re a little biizzznnniitch

  • digsdeeper

    just remember its not snowboarding with a bungee.

  • ImBiased

    One of the guys from the Unified Crew is my cousin, so it would be wrong to even watch the other video. Unified Crew all the way. Darn now I feel bad, should I actually watch the other video?

  • @digsdeeper

    just remember you probly suck at snowboarding

  • digsdont


  • alexa

    wtf unified crew sucks

  • fart

    kookmire, riley chillwin, huck city krumm, and dylan the gay hipster bitch. good thing jay made up for all of you. that dude can rip!

  • Sean Kolar

    yeah broz! NW 4 lyfeee!!!