Arnette Crew Clash 2.0: Ugly Kidz Co v Cats of Anarchy


Battle #2 begins now in the Arnette Crew Clash. Yes, battle number one is still going for a few more hours, but we’re not good with calendars around here, ok. Anyway, only one of these two videos can continue on in the hunt for $1000 courtesy of Arnette and a free trip to Mt. Bachelor, and which one does, well that’s up to you!

Ugly Kidz Co

Location: An RV somewhere in America
Riders: Nathan Cordero, Bryan Cordero (filmer/editer) Shane Donnelley, Andrew Yoder
More videos:

Cats of Anarchy x Beer Savage

Stunt Cats: Oliver Dixon, Alex Cato, and Jeremy Estorga
Film/Edit: Amanda Hankison
Additional Filming: Cats of Anarchy
More videos:

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Voting will close Sunday, March 11th at 5 pm PST.

The Arnette Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette Eyewear, in association with Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. New battles begin every Monday and Thursday and run for three days each.

101 replies
  1. Tm Fuckington
    Tm Fuckington says:

    The Cats of Anarchy is awesome because its different and not just basic down rail shots

  2. turd ferguson
    turd ferguson says:

    if you could win 40 grand and a trip to austria, youd spam everyone too…

    just saying

  3. Jesse Gouveia
    Jesse Gouveia says:

    Im going to buy 40k worth of rubbers because after we win we will be swimming in pussy

  4. flactorslu
    flactorslu says:

    i didint vote for either of them. but if i did i would have voted for the anarchy kids – they dont support CG. and thats good enough for me

  5. JesseGouviea
    JesseGouviea says:

    Non of the above was Connor or me. Could you guys please stop posting under our names. It’s really stressing me out and i don’t want to be stressed out for my big debut in Austria.

    Thanks and remember-Vote this must be the place.

  6. heydudes
    heydudes says:

    who cares what people wear, seriously, now the fashion police are on the prowl. This competition just took a wrong turn, time to flip the bitch and remind these pre-teens what snowboarding is about.

  7. heydudes
    heydudes says:

    and by the way, the ugly kidz destroyed it, however you look at it. They also had some variety showing that they know how to hit a jump and ride pow which not many people do these days.

  8. ...
    ... says:

    Shut the Fuck up, are you guys really that scared of “This Must be The Place”? All of your bitching is really annoying, How about you guys talk shit on them when their video is actually posted instead of every god damn post yobeat ever does. And stop posting under their names everyone knows its not really them MOTHERFUCKERS.

  9. What up money
    What up money says:

    Street footage is only cool if first you learned how to carve your snowboard on a real mountain. And if your filmer is not incompetent.

  10. Straight ass
    Straight ass says:

    I could get high and drunk and sniff massive amounts of zannys and manage to film better than this

  11. school counselor
    school counselor says:

    hey cats, it’s mrs. snookie your high school counselor. I know you are upset that your mom didn’t by you a car for your sweet 16 bday, and that they busted your pimps and hos party you tried having in the basement, but that’s no reason to be so angry. I did like the last song though, reminds me of when me and mr. snookie first met and we use to put that track on repeat, drink a box of red wine, strip down to our birthday suits, and dance til the sun came up!!! Oh my, sorry I lost myself. But really kids, lets stop with the cats of anarchy thing and bring out the pretty little kittens I know you all are. See you tomorrow morning children…..come by and say hi.

  12. school counselor
    school counselor says:

    in all seriousness though both crews killed it, ugly crew is hittin some big features and have real smooth style makin shit look easy, and the cats are getting real creative ala capita and think thank. My vote goes for ugly for raw talent and style, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rider or two from both crews in the near future on bigger projects.

  13. Connor And Jesse
    Connor And Jesse says:

    Wish Utah would hurry up and legalize gay marriage. Then this would really be the place!

  14. salame nips
    salame nips says:

    cats was creative but hard to watch. way too much random shit going on and weird cmera angles

    DAN BOB JUNIOR says:

    I was fuckin connor brown in the ass earlier and i reached around and he totally had a boner. what a faggot

  16. ROSEY
    ROSEY says:

    Ugly Kidz are the real deal! Real talent! Awesome footage!

    Cats….. not so much… sloppy vid. I don’t wanna watch a couple of punks spill beer all over themselves. I wanna see some real snowboarding!

    Ugly Kidz without a doubt!

  17. jawsh
    jawsh says:

    i like alex cato cause, not only do you know he’s having fun, but he also brings that reaalrawaattiitude

  18. Kittenpuncher
    Kittenpuncher says:

    ugly kidz fuck those cats faggots ..shit was wack tricks were soggy as fuck and the editing was sloppier then jerms moms pussy.

  19. snowboard fan
    snowboard fan says:

    cats of anarchy didnt really have any big spots under their belt and the creativity wassss not that creative. i mean i watch nubes do some of that “creative” stuff all the time in the park anywhere. ender shot looked like most of the ugly kidz shots except the ugly kids had more style in ever trick compared to the other video, and hit way bigger spots with sooo much more variety of riding. id say youd have to be an idot to vote for the sons of anarchy. not saying their bad riders, thier video just really dosent compete

  20. snowboard fan
    snowboard fan says:

    and really hating on a company just because you probably arnt doing anything as cool as them, thats lame

  21. guy
    guy says:

    I totally agree snowboard fan guy. I think the ugly guys are throwin down with so much style, they don’t rely on gimmick hype or sellin an image that is oh so hot right now. The cats are havin fun obviously but just too into the image they are tryin to create. Smart marketing tool I guess, it’s workin since they are winning, but not what I’m into, I like snowboarding.

  22. guy
    guy says:

    overall the ugly guys just feel more real to me, travelin around throwin hammers, nothin else needed

  23. punkrocker666douche
    punkrocker666douche says:

    I think punk should be saved for people who give a fuck, do your punk homework if you think these kids are punk. They are as punk as MFM is a gang banger so south central homie….

  24. Kittenpuncher
    Kittenpuncher says:

    way to many played tricks on tiny spots in the cats video Yobeat is for scensters, snowboarding is dead here. look past the fuckin BS and stereotypes associated with CO and CG….. UKC took a fat dump on the kittens. This battle is fucked.

  25. Herman Finkle
    Herman Finkle says:

    Cats of Anarchy, nice 1 decent handrail shot. Hit some shit bigger than 16 stairs more often please, and quit shredding pussy ass mini spots. Oh wait, it actually takes balls to shred big spots so your outta luck

  26. alexa
    alexa says:

    herman finkle your mom took my balls in her bigger spot if you know what im saying LOLZ LMAO HE HE

  27. niggggg
    niggggg says:

    ugly kids threw wayyy better tricks and were just ALOT cleaner, no way they shouldnt win this round

  28. Thismustbetheplace
    Thismustbetheplace says:

    I like how cats of anarchy hit the snowskating rail thats on the way to brighton. Pretty sure jp walker did that on a snowskate in like 1998. Get with the times. Get with this must be the place.

  29. Snowboard fan
    Snowboard fan says:

    This must be the place where people who dont have a clue about real life and vote for dumb ass snowboard edits a 50 year old bay area puck rocker coulda made with a go pro. yo and if your hella chill you will vote for the right video. pick the one that looks like there was effort and travel put into it, your all dumb asses! this time i was sober when i watched kittens of Anaology and it was so bad i had to get high again just to deal with the fact theres idots out there about to win money. Get with it! Im a snowboarder who can look at myself and other riders and know the rest of the world looks at us like were clowns, and this casts of anthology video deff backs up that statement.

  30. Snowboard fan
    Snowboard fan says:

    yeah if ukz video losses the prophets were right and were all doomed thanks to dumb ass snowboards who have a taste for shit instead of style

  31. Snowboard fan
    Snowboard fan says:

    @ Rosey… for real dude iv been to enough highschool partys and seen plenty of tards spill beer all over themselfs and party with hags and not know how to poplerly shotgun a beer. It takes a special kind of tard to capture that nonsense on video and post it for the world to see, so probs to being slopps cataraks of antibodies…. sorry i just watched both vids again and just cant believe the cartoons of anywhere are still winning

  32. LURK
    LURK says:

    You must have gone to so many high school parties that you failed to learn how to spell words like themselves, properly, and cataracts. Unless you actually are a ‘tard’ ..then I’d be sorry for calling out your poor hate comment.

  33. jerm
    jerm says:

    @thismustbetheplace that was nico droz but it doesnt really matter. whys everybody so mad about the stuff they hit? Isnt snowboarding supposed to be about doing what you want to do? or are you just pisssed because theyre beating some dudes who did some generic “this is my first year traveling and hitting urban” spots.

  34. chauncy
    chauncy says:

    i enjoyed the first video. and yes snowboard fan if they lose it would be a shame. Yobeat is this contest really based on just votes? or do you and arnette have the most say?

  35. punkrocker666douche
    punkrocker666douche says:

    for sure germ! def looked like the ugly kids first time hittin urban spots. I remember my first time, i switch back liped a 50 stair rail and front flipped out, it was alright. I don’t know why they don’t step it up

  36. D-FT
    D-FT says:

    Ugly Kids are better at snowboarding, Cool Cats are better at hanging out with Ugly Chicks. Shot Gunning PBR is for scene bros. And punk is cool if your punching scene bros in the face.

  37. jerm
    jerm says:

    oh youre clever because you spelled my name differently so as to insult me! and shot gunning any beer isnt for scene bros is for people that want to get hammered fast.

  38. Snowboard fan
    Snowboard fan says:

    Lurk i know my spelling sucks and im working with a damn internet phone that makes up words while i type but thats besides the point, all i want to see is the better video win and the kids who really look like they need the money get the money. despite music, companys and names, itd be a shame if the lames took the game.

  39. frontLIPS&BACKboards
    frontLIPS&BACKboards says:

    Ugly Kidz for sure. Fucking punk is dead, had to stop the second video 10 seconds in.

  40. LURK
    LURK says:

    no snowboard fan I totally agree, the kids that have an RV with desktop computers set up in it and drive from spot to spot ACTUALLY need the money. definitely not the kids that live in utah. i bet you can’t even eat 6 supreme tacos from del in one sitting..

  41. Snowboard fan
    Snowboard fan says:

    Yeah cause instead of buying beer to pour all over themselves the might put that money to good use… And eating six del tacos in one sitting is practically committing suicide

  42. kittenpuncher
    kittenpuncher says:

    Jerm the ultimate scenster, fuck off kid. Kittens party like bitches, C snowboard footage D party footage.

  43. jerm
    jerm says:

    well if i have to be a scenester atleast im considered the ultimate one. better that than just some average wanna be

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