Credo and Friends 6


These videos prove that snowboarding really is more fun when you have friends. Who else is gonna let you jump over them?

Credo: Zack Wilmot, Henry Padden
Friends: Levi Gunzburg, Dan Schott, Sully

Edit: Dylan Demers

  • Connor

    Zack wilmot kills it

  • Tim

    Best edits out this year. Those kids kill it

  • Such a good edit

  • blannyford


  • jnepnation members jump over their enemies…

  • Fuck jnepnation!

  • jbaw

    wilmont’s on a fuckin mission

  • poop

    holy shit

  • Dr. Evil
  • Mrej

    All of these small, East-coast amateur teams are just killing it this year. Really opening my eyes to up and coming snowboarders and how young amateur teams (such as KTC) are just totally progressing snowboarding and its standards. Keep it up!

  • nascar

    zach needs to slow down, he could get hurt!


    Reel comp ruler. Wilmont is da SHIT