CAPiTA Tuesdays: Mike Rav Full Part


Mike Rav!

  • barry

    rav is the man!

  • Ryan

    Thats a mean boardslide hes got goin.

  • connor

    if this video gets one hate comment I’m leaving yobeat

  • UHH

    Mad Hype

  • Churr Boy

    switch back 270 to regs? damn rav. cant wait to see his KTC part this year.

  • mahoney

    nicest guy ever

  • loosh’s mom

    back 270s to fakie and switch back 270s to reg. so hot right now. look what you started louif

  • frontLIPS&BACKboards

    are super between the feet, thats the way it should be.

  • SkeatOnU

    im seeing triple rav capita banner-video-banner… “ravision”…?

  • Ravelsnake!

  • waka

    ender was so sick. and switch back 270 to regular, what?????

  • fibs

    fuck yes rav

  • no hate

  • Hansi

    I was trying hard to come up with a hate comment just to piss commenter #3 off, but then I gave up… Mike Rav is just rad!

  • mike rav is the nicest human being ever

  • chrisbue-lung

    Mike Rav coming at ya raw and un-cut, dats whats up

  • karnkarn

    Yes Rav. Creativity

  • Yup

  • holla

    one of my favorite parts in the whole movie, especially since he’s from MASS

  • ………………..

    finally a video on yobeat that everyone can agree on

  • truth

    this guys a fagget


  • yoshi

    mike rav is the second coming of jesus

  • Le Grand Fromage

    Rav is the most dankest white mofucka ever to come outta fuckin shroomsburg

  • jack schroeder

    ok, you know how they say to see a doctor if you have a boner for more than 4 hours? well, i watched this about 4 hours ago, and this shits still rock hard.

  • jnepnation might have to go into early retirement after seeing this

  • squares

    jnepnation should die. this was sick.


    RAV is the fucking man!

  • yes

    Yobeats too carebear for me now, im going to killmyselfbai.

  • hogmaws

    swbs 2sev 2 regs?!! It’s crazy he could spin at all with everyone swinging off his dick!

  • upstatemike.


  • Frumafilliate

    aye yay!