Rejected Edits


You may have just put together the most hammer filled edit but all it takes is on off angle slide, unintentional early out, or missed/slipped grab for me to drop the axe. I’m watching. The worst part is most of the time you know you shouldn’t have put that shot in there, but for one reason or another you did. And now you’re a reject.

Monday Morning: C-

After this video goes public I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Dufficy hunted you down and punched you in the dick for disgracing the song he used in an incredible video part. At :25 seconds was that a nosepress? I sure hope not, it was worse than mine, and they’re pretty weak. If you are having a hard time watching this edit please wait for the last two shots. Amazing!

Mtn. Creek Park Laps: Early Season With Origional: D+

Early outs and zeaches are about as common in Mt. Creek edits as robotic jumping is in Breck edits. 1:46, watch closely. How did he do that so easily? The edit has one or two highlights, but not nearly enough to make up for the gross lack of skill displayed by everyone involved.

High Daze: C

I’m assuming this is a school project. And you probably got a pretty good grade on it. To those who don’t know anything about snowboarding this probably looks impressive. But to us, we can see the zeaches and the sloppy style. Congrats on the grade, you parents probably think you’re pro.

Out Here at Camelback: C

:43….. really? I was digging blue vest dude until about 1:35. He lost all credibility there and joined the rest of the rejects in this edit on Sloppyridingnoskill Island.

Rick Blo$$ don’t take no shit: D-

Please go to Compton and show this edit to some dudes down there. It will save me the energy of having to ever watch you snowboard again after they break your legs.

Sunday in the Park at Cannonsburg: B

Gnarly sweatshirt: check. Ball cap under the helmet: check. You’ve got it. This edit actually isn’t that bad. But it’s not really that good either. And someone commented once daring me to reject another Cannonsburg edit. You can thank that guy for screwing the rest of you over this year.


This park looks about as shitty as they come. But so do most of the parks that get edits featured on this site. You guys are just bad at snowboarding. Please don’t film anymore.

Mt. Brighton must not be the place: D-

I have a feeling you guys know this edit sucks so I will spare you the embarrassment. But if you don’t and think this was actually good…..I command each one of you to punch the other in the face once. Front zeach front 300 out was fire.

  • Holy shit a black kid

  • Steve

    Jeremiah, your comments are about as soft as my cock after watching these…please hand the reigns back over to nick, so I can spurt off

  • ^thats a little odd that you get off to another mans words. i think they have hotlines you can call for that sort of thing.

  • Yummy

    These were really bad….

  • methodman

    last one was so funny

  • Lucifer

    High Daze didn’t even deserve a C. Nobody should score that high with that many zeaches.

  • Matt Kusbel

    These videos g0t m3 50000000000000000000000000000000000 \/\/3++++++++++++++

  • Wade Thomas

    some asshole has been pretending to be on here, when i find them im gonna kick their ass

  • cameron

    That Mt. Brighton edit was that kids 3rd reject in 2 posts, ouch…

  • ry

    i can just picture the dude in the last video snaking that kid… “bro get out of my way! Im filming!”

  • Churr Boy

    Mtn Creek Parklaps- get rid of the skiers and u have a decent edit.

  • rupert

    dead on about the Dufficy thing , but my guess is he hasn’t seen that part, never heard of the Forum eight, and thinks Kurt Morgan and Red Bull have made the greatest snowboard “movies” ever.

  • some asshole

    hahahaha rick bloss

  • skilmer

    vx1000 or die


    these kids suck so bad i didn’t even bother fucking their bitches

  • da da da

    half way through that second video i said wait what the fuck why i am i watching a skiier edit….

  • anderson

    fuck ben you stole mine and dominics edit name. you guys filmed one shitty mt brighton must not be the place edit

  • @churr boy, I dont know what mt creek park laps edit you were watching. but the one posted here had some pretty awful snowboarding in it. makes sense you think its good though.

  • MattyT

    If anyone rips off Flippin Weekend again I’m going to lose my shit. Those kids have some raw next-level-shit happening and these motherfuckers keep biting it.

  • MattyT


  • wade thomas

    i think the mt brighton kids set a new record for edits that were rejected

  • anderson day

    i hate black people

  • jerm

    anderson = fayget

  • sippinlean

    go ahead jerm, i dare you to reject another mt brighton edit

  • anderson

    me and dom tounge punch eachothers fart boxes

  • dominic

    Anderson! what the hell man! why would you say that?

  • mikejones

    did that motherfucker really backflip onto that mailbox in that camelback video??

  • Wade Thomas

    its an honor to get 3 edits rejected in 2 rejected edit pages.

  • shaquille oneil

    that creek edit had a little trash but besides that it was my favorite creek edit of the year. oh yeah and there is a skier in the edit, get over it, yobeat commenters are the most close minded fucks in the world

  • ^we clearly dont come to yobeat to see skiers? but yo im hooking all you fools up i got a link to newschoolers for ya azz

  • yeayea

    yo poop thats true but if a skier is in an edit im not boutta poop myself

  • he$h

    sick #ilove5050180outs

  • squares

    shaq is a giant pussy. this whole group of videos sucked, true to form.

  • Black Kid

    He ODed on the Camelback video lol

  • mac

    that cannonsburg edit was pretty dope, jack kills it

  • Sam

    Wow, the follow cam on that last one was just terrible.

  • Jerm, you said some pretty nasty things to those boys

  • ECN

    Good thing i read the comments first before i wasted time watching these.

  • camelback-please tell me your filmers name so i can punch him in the weewee

  • Garrett Rietveld

    Rick Blo$$ don’t take no shit… Lol bunch of weekend warriors who use a song that should of been used a month ago when everyone else used it.

  • kyle mack

    i can double cork


  • CHIP

    interior crocodile alligotor. that song alone should have got that vid featured

  • Grant

    Do the kids at brighton have upper bodies? I cant really tell.

  • dig

    These kids are not out there doing it.

  • bitch

    I’m a girl and my zeaches aren’t as bad as those!

  • some asshole

    yobeat takes snowboarding waaaaaaaay too seriously… but these sucked

  • mike

    i really wanna see the people at yobeat make an edit and have us bag on it… i have a feeling you guys really suck

  • G


    pretty sure i saw you on the rejected edit page and the camelback riding and video was a lot better than your shitty edit which consisted of 75% b role footage and the rest was just atrocious riding.

  • G

    also, Jerm, for God’s sake….please don’t ever give a “shoutout” to JNEPNATION

  • @mike try the search bar. Ive got 2 edits on here, brookes got one, and lipton does also.

  • SkeatOnU

    everyone deletes there video when it gets rejected… hahaha

  • BurtonInMyAss

    These kids at CBK suck some massive dong. “We Out Here”…..riding some dick

  • BurtonInMyAss
  • yes! made it!

  • Mac

    I’ll never delete my video. everyone needs to see how bad timber ridge is and never go

  • butthole surfer

    i use words like “zeach” and “in my butt” and “i like yobeat” and “in my butt”