DOME-E-NATION: Wessel van Lierop


Postland’s Dome-E-Nation series wraps up with Wessel Van Lieop. Now that it’s finally snowing, we’re posting it as somewhat of a public service announcement to remind you how good life is in the US of A. And also cause this dude shreds this damn dome.

  • hank

    Straight up fire!!!

  • WOW

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    HEAVY!!! Music was great too.

  • DirtDick

    the opener. hooollllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ssshhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt

  • reject

    spin to win

  • Doug Fagel


  • Bryant

    is there a trick he didnt do?

  • squares

    just murdered everything. damn.

  • ap

    did he just do every trick

  • DADswag

    1 on pretz 5 out UNREAL

  • karnkarn

    Tricktionary. So sick


  • sucks to suck

  • hmmm

    somebody buy this kid a ticket to amurica..

  • what

    the fuck just happened?

  • Cat-O

    hell yes

  • shaquille oneil

    this was insane, awesome riding, but damn i didnt like this edits. If i am gonna watch rollerblading id rather watch dennis leontyev

  • pat milbery

    kid is good. real good.

  • larry

    that was a long snow dome edit that i actually enjoyed watching