VG’s Elm Creek Edit


The Videograss boys are not fucking around this year. Maybe you already watched this badboy on their site, but now you can’t spout all the nonsense you wanted to but had no comment section for here!

Riders: Jake OE, Brandon Larson, Cody Beiersdorf, and Danimals.

  • M3TH


  • wade thomas

    yobeat loves midwest park videos

  • cameron

    Elm is one of the most fun parks i’ve ridden!

  • yoshi

    these are the real trannyfinders

  • TEXT ME 219.263.6015

  • cransanaturaldiuretic

    is joeake using highbacks?

  • danimals is ight

  • auntjemima

    was the guy writing the description drinking or something?

  • 2 girls no cup

    shreddddded the hell outaa it

  • Paulisdead

    Oh shit the Beatles in a snowboard edit

  • ^ bite’n my style. Cody Beiersdorf is the sickest.

  • Fuckin Danimals!

  • hUh

    thats an ender, but seriously how many tries that take?

  • This the place

  • MRKD

    danimals on signal is the hypest shit

  • karnkarn

    bow down. Ender was ______


    Hey everybody! TEXt JERMS MOM! 219-331-5259!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • upstatemike.

    that ender gave me a wicked hahd-on

  • Churr Boy

    Jesus. Where would snowboarding be right now without VG? they changed the fucking game!

  • Robert Harold Sell III

    New fan of Danimals. Mainly because of the Chicken Salad tweak he did!

  • eh..

    nick dirks?

  • clayton bigsby

    danimals has one of the best styles out there

  • daglife

    These “Jerm’s Mom” and “Jerm’s Dad” jokes are getting pretty old

  • Jerm’s Gerbil


  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    Butter my butt and call me a biscuit! That ender was something else.