Firing Squad February Champions Battle

After the most brain-numbing and depressing month of Zimmerman’s Firing Squad career, it comes down to this. One of these photos is going to be inducted into the Champions Gallery and its photographer will receive a Burton Camera pack. If you think this is a travesty against the photography profession, send us some better photos. If you’re just here cause your bro told you to vote, then by all means, go right ahead. Next month, we’ll be back to showcasing the best of what we’ve got, so if you want to take part, submit your photos now!

Week 1 Winner: Riley Snyder

Week 2 Winner: Steve Lauder

Week 3 Winner: Gill Montgomery

Week 4 Winner: Baxter Hammish

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Think you can do this good or better? The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. When win a weekly battle, you will a sweet goodie pack from Burton Snowboards. Each month, the four winning photos will again do battle for a place in the Champions Gallery and a Burton Camera Pack! To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines. Happy shooting!


  • rob

    riley, because his was real.

  • boycott

  • so bad

  • Luke

    wow, this was a hard one…

  • colin

    all of these are terrible

  • squares

    are you fucking kidding me.


    Hey everybody! TEXt JERMS MOM! 219-331-5259!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerms Dad’s Mom


  • internet

    this is the probably most highly anticipated firing squad ever

  • %

    Yobeat should make a momcam or dadcam contest. Because all of these photos look like mom or dad were sitting on the side of the lip getting the shot. Seriously. All of them suck.

  • FilmerD

    First one is cheating on account of mt hood’s epic clouds

  • 1) At least it is clean and in focus.
    2) Should have been deleted in camera.
    3) Get a wide angle lens with a low aperture and get in there.
    4) The only cool “2 dimensional shooter” ever was Duck Hunt.