Soup Kitchen 16


The Gremlinz road trip from Rutland to Tahoe. Colorado, SLC and finally Alpine Valley, this episode has it all!

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  1. karnkarn
    karnkarn says:

    Bradshaw, great snowboarding, tipsy, Chinese people taking pictures of squirrels.. Holy shit this edit does have it all! Soup Kitchen always provides.

  2. bDr
    bDr says:

    i dont get why everyone has to bring in tight pants or baggy pants or what kind of style it is…if its good snowboarding who cares what there wearing. shutup and enjoy this shit

  3. dude
    dude says:

    good soup.
    you should put the most recent gremlinz video for online download im tryin to see t lynchs full part but dont got money for a dvd

  4. black guy
    black guy says:

    ay y’all cracka ass motha fuckas betta stop exploiting ma people fo i cum o der nd str8 fuck all yo bitchez
    but seriously that guy who looks like fat joe and gets into thug mode whenever the camera is pointed at him is the HUGEST fag ever seriously what a fucking goof tight pants isn’t gay that shits gay
    good boardin doe just kick that queer out yo crew

  5. dannysakook
    dannysakook says:

    Shaq I wondered that. there shit is cool minus that little fat wanna be hype man dork! His face pisses me off. Drop his mug outta the edits please.

  6. FuckTruckeeCops
    FuckTruckeeCops says:

    yeah that dingo fat boy needs to stop with the GDP cameos…his presence brings up more questions than answers…WTF??????!!!!

  7. erik roomet
    erik roomet says:

    the best soup there is! sawyer good to see you ridin a lot again tyler always killing it. stop hating on the lifestyle shots you people are way too concerned with hating on any video zach puts out how long did it take you to come up with something negative to say about this edit? just stop and admit these kids know how to live life in a positive way and you are all jealous

  8. 130th
    130th says:

    Skiing and snowboarding are the most square whiteboy sports that anyone could possibly do.
    Just because you saw that naughty by nature music video where black people were snowboarding doesn’t mean that snowboarding is “hip hop”……”Get wit it” are you serious? Come to my neighborhood with that bullshit and get beat up.

  9. Churr Boy
    Churr Boy says:

    @130th- Shut the fuck up, why are you on this website if snowboarding is square whiteboy sport? the most ignorant comment ive herd on this website in 3years. .come to my neighborhood? wheres that at tough nuts? ur a fucking idiot.

  10. Grag
    Grag says:

    sawyer killin it, wasn’t sure some of that was him until i noticed that almost all of his tricks were spun left

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