High Fives with Todd Richards

Old friend, old Yobeat contributor and old guy Todd Richards has once again told the Grim Reaper to shove off. With a career that started sometime in the 1980s, went legend status in the ’90s and sorta hung out in the new millennium Todd has not only picked up a new sponsor this week, but he’s apparently doing his own Youtube show on top of announcing every contest you’ve ever heard of. This shocking news really spun us for a loop, so we decided to revive the once great, no, amazing High Fives with Todd Richards column to  scratch his beautiful, ageless noggin. Here’s what happened. 

Rumor is you’re on Arnette now, how are you still getting sponsors?

Smoke and mirrors.

Are you saying you have the entire industry tricked? Or did you secretly sign a deal with the devil making sure your career and looks never go stale?

I’m saying if you’re not a dickhead to everyone you come across, you have a work ethic and an ounce of creativity you just might be able to keep the dream alive after your skill set won’t get you through qualifiers at a Gatorade Free Flow Tour. I bet I could still get top five at a Gatorade Free Flow Tour.

Why didn’t Travis Rice invite you to his top secret RedBull commercial/contest in the Baldface amusement park?

He did invite me actually. Unfortunately for me it was to talk about what he was doing on TV. I’m over competing at this point. The only thing I think I will compete in again is that ultimate boarder and this pipe jam at Breckenridge in April where you can’t spin over 540 in the pipe and then the finals are in a hand-dug six foot pipe.

How do you explain Shaun White’s ability to score a perfect 100 in Xgames pipe, but not be able to compete in Slopestyle because his ankle was in too bad of shape?

Oh god…my feelings are killing me…someone help me off the Slopestyle course. Let’s be honest here Shaun, you weren’t that hurt. You got your ass handed to you in practice even after you had the Breckenridge park closed down to only you for a week before X Games so you could save face after last year. I think it would have been more graceful if he just at least tried to qualify. We were all talking about it the night the pipe went down. He wasn’t limping around or anything implying that anything was even remotely wrong with any part of his body except his nuts after being squeezed into some baby gap’ pants.

Ok, in other news, you have your own TV show now obviously because High Fives blew you up so much. Which show is better, yours or Danny and The Dingos, and why?

Mines not actually on TV. It’s inside the internet which is almost as obscure as anything on Fuel TV. I’ll tell you what’s a blockbuster TV show: get Matt Kass and Danny Kass in a room together and lock the doors. Nothing at all in the room to be used as a weapon other than Dingo.

If you’re bored hereâ’s the scoop on Todd’s new show. I watched an episode, and for some reason I really enjoyed it. It’s basically a 40 year old boy in a garage full of cool shit with money to make sweet internet videos. Here’s what Todd had to say:

Well my new show thing is a spin off of my website AWSM.com. The show is called AWSM on Alli. It’s basically me in my garage Wanes World Style, doing product reviews, interviews, and commentary on what ever tickles my pickle, and top five videos of the week. I have a budget from Youtube and it’s fun. Every Saturday there is a new show up.

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  1. Miguel24
    Miguel24 says:

    What happened to his “awsm.com”? It use to be good product reviews and now it is just reposted videos from youtube.

  2. Sam
    Sam says:

    ““Oh god…my feelings are killing me…someone help me off the Slopestyle course.”

    Newest quote of the year.

  3. Gerg!
    Gerg! says:

    “He wasn’t limping around or anything implying that anything was even remotely wrong with any part of his body except his nuts after being squeezed into some baby gap pants.” I wish Todd would say things like this on ESPN… maybe if he didn’t have a family to support.

    After brilliant investigative reporting with Grenade, why didn’t you ask Todd what happened with Omatic?

  4. Johan
    Johan says:

    He could finish top three in the GAYtoreAIDS free flow tour if he whipped out a sweet ass Wet Cat. Cause that’s whats up.
    Todds in my top 5 of all time too.
    No homo.

  5. Poofacekillah
    Poofacekillah says:

    Hey I don’t know if this is old news, but who saw Bozung knocked out??? Just saw it on WSHH.. Real Or Staged?! Ice-Ts Son Knocks Out Bottle Wielding Neighbor! “Don’t Knock On My Door” is the title of the video.. Check it out. Bozung sleeping at the end..

  6. Churr Boy
    Churr Boy says:

    everyone click on jerms name and go to his blog and watch him make food… jerm do u really live in Vail, CO and work at Mizappa when ur not slanging SAGA outerwear? hahahahhahahahahahahahah…TODD IS A BOSS FUCK SHAUN WHITES PUSSY ASS… Seriously everytime u see shaun white riding hes alone. the kids a turd and has no friends.

  7. Shred-Zo-The CLown
    Shred-Zo-The CLown says:

    Jesus Fuck! Again….Todd Richards………man this guy will NOT go down. He is the energizer bunny of the sport—milking it to the BITTER end. It used to be that washed up pros got on the heli program and then faded away gracefully. Not Todd. Nope. He is in your face, pushing, pushing, pushing his program of shitty edits and shows. Watch his Todcast Movie–the dislike that Bryan Fox shows to Todd is palpable! He’s out there blabblering about secret spot resorts—dude STFU already. He annoy’s over half the industry with his babblings. He’s trying to clown White–ok yeah, he deserves it, but even pre-tight pants Richards clowned White when he had the chance. Todd is a jealousmuthafuckaaa. The guy is like 42……..I can see him doing this at 52–embarrassing his kids. I wonder if he tells his son, Cam—dont read my blog posts —they’re just for show—I gotta put food on this table and I if I could, Id PUBLICLY be the PErez Hilton of the sport–as it is……this is how I gotta roll. GO AWAY TODD RICHARDS–your usefuleness to the sport is done. Retire already and get a job as a team manager or something.

  8. jerm
    jerm says:

    @churr boy, for work. had job coaching the vail ski and snowboard academy. i would never live in co for the snowboarding especially not those towns. theyre full of Chadwick McChadbros. thats why when i couldnt get rehired because of my criminal status i did not stay in co. place is wack.

  9. ConnieTsunami
    ConnieTsunami says:

    wow, shred zo… your a little jello of tr. how are you backing a kid that “limps” away from a slope style comp cause he was to scared to even finish?

  10. Todd richards
    Todd richards says:

    Hey shred-zo why don’t you use your real name? Seems to me that you have a serious bone to pick. Did richards steal your girlfriend or did your “career” just crash before takeoff? Sounds to me like your the jealous one.

  11. Quiktm
    Quiktm says:

    Jesus! Someone twistwd Shred-Zo’s balloon animal the wrong way. Just an FYI : TR and Bryan Fox are good friends.

  12. LooseTBolt
    LooseTBolt says:

    Good stuff. Story and comments. I agree Shaun White is El Douchee of shredding fo sho.
    As for Richards I have always found him a bit grating, he has a lot of friends in the industry and also a lot of people that find him really really annoying. He has been the master of self promotion I think everyone can agree. His formula has been to make a lot of friends/acquaintances and bro down with the new talent–he’s got some vets in his corner, some young bucks. As long as someone gives him a microphone or a net show–he’ll be out there talking himself up. He is a model for young, outspoken snowboarder who wish to stay in the game far far longer than their talent allows. Richards talent got him to the mid 2000’s–ever since its been the mouth and a seemingly never ending self promotion streak.

  13. Butt Pipes
    Butt Pipes says:

    Where do you live now Jerm? Ohio?

    You are a turd…and you would probably take my pass…since if i saw you teaching i would spray you…have you follow me into the woods…and knock you out. Can’t hack it in breck? We make money, we shred, we fuck hot girls…you are a turdle dove. Follow me through freeway pussy.

  14. admin
    admin says:

    @Shred-Zo-The CLown and LooseTBolt, since you’re the same person. Thanks for always commenting on Todd’s articles. It makes us feel warm inside.

  15. jerm
    jerm says:

    @Chadwick McChadbros it always makes me feel special when people go out of their way to search through old videos of mine to burn me. Glad i could waste some of your time.

  16. Quimbola Man
    Quimbola Man says:

    Todd feels he has funny hair and this is why you always see him wearing a beanie. I love his 20 something look of beanie and hoody combo. Always the guy sporting the in look–he’ll make it –he’s a survivor that guy. I He’s a least becoming more humble in his old age. Watch his Todcast #1(thank god series was cancelled) —he’s such a dick to Janelle and Tim—-cool guy or tool guy? In every industry there’s someone who is a shameless self promoter–for the shred world–its Richards. As for friends with Bryan Fox—–yeah, nope…..he called out Fox’s buddy Whitlake for getting his snowmobile jacked………in the Todcast film. Bryan cant wait to get away from Richards by going camping. That he would spend hundreds on camping gear for a one night trip into the Bush rather than bunk with Richards speaks volumes.

  17. Shaun Fan
    Shaun Fan says:

    I think Todd Richards is full of shit and should not have made that comment about Shaun White….Shaun has proven his talent thru the years… and this washed out asshole old snowboarder should just keep his comments to himself…and to the asshole who posted about Shaun’s nuts…you’re probably just jealous cause millions of women want to see Shaun’s nuts and you probably can’t even get laid!!!!!!!!!Fuck you both ……
    Shaun White Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Quiktm
    Quiktm says:

    Quimbola man you obviously don’t know either of them, or whitlake for that matter nor were you on the trip with them ( I was ) they are friends, sorry. Why are you on his nuts so much? 10 bucks says you are the same hater that posted both of those other long winded hate posts. It would suck if admin called your ip address out again huh?

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