Butternut Volume 3: Sunny Daze


We think you’ll enjoy this latest installment from the crew at Butternut. Seriously, the first ollie alone is more than enough to make up for anything else you might dislike.

Riders: Ross Weiller, Nick McCarthy, John Silk and Dan Leary

Filmed and Cut: Drew Sauer

  • tryiton

    they sure can 180 onto that down flat down

  • brohan

    down with this, looks like these guys know how to have a goodtime.

  • Andrew

    yup, definitely looks like a good time

  • TheSWORD!

    Good filming, editing, riding, music. Just good vibes all around on that one. Thats how you make a fucking snowboard edit kids.

  • Rico

    do cobrasharks only work with tight stances?

  • clevername

    best edit of 2012 so far! epic song ! thanks for that buttnut crew!

  • karnkarn

    Man this is good. Well done tricks boys.

  • Jose

    this made me smile

  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    Ugh, I’m going to get so many thumbs downs for this, but I prefer this edit’s style over Yawgoons.

  • Churr Boy

    Editing to the song was real good.

  • gay

    these edits are made by a SKIER.

  • Asspiper

    Yo gay who cares bitch ass

  • Asspiper

    Yoo rumor has it kid wit solomandrr snappe 3 boards in 2 days.

  • Dr. Evil

    kid has a nice fs 3

  • f

    Was gonna use this song in a part… fuck

  • this gives me wood

  • $ex Money

    Best edit of the season. Great song, great riding, great filming/editing. Can’t stop watching it. It’s Jizz Nastayy