FootyFiend Comes to America


The boys at managed to survive cheap 3.2 beer and endless fast food to bring you this Park City edit. Featuring Cody Wilson and Blake Payne.


  • DirtDick


  • potatoe

    anybody tried blunt pretzels… shits impossible

  • Matt Mcgregory

    Footyfiend for prez

  • blake moffukin payne is the shit

  • PC

    Much respect to these Canadians. Cool cats they are.

  • Footyfiend takin shit over!! Watch out Obama..

  • butt


  • cameron

    I remember this song from SSX 3.

  • ryan

    Zeach ender

  • tristan

    Yes Blake payne!

  • karnkarn

    Cobra Dogs own Thomas Haraden sighted.

  • Front Feeble pretzel.. Shits ridiculous

  • T-Diggy

    Sittin Sidewayz, SSX for DAYZZZ!

  • ceej

    blakes not candian hes the man

  • idiots

    blake’s no canadian

  • Cgorby

    hell yeah

  • dude

    god utah is so lame with that 3.2 bullshit beer.

  • Benjamin Maki

    Just go to the liquor store and by the devastator, shit 9% and its got a mountain goat with flames head butting the Mormon temple.

  • Dick Bonklin

    bunch of torstein wannabes

  • ha.

    yeah, quit trying to be like torstein!

  • Lucifer

    Yea fuck
    Mormons and their temple

  • PocketofThomas

    Hey Blake… ya did a great jarb..

  • Jordan

    This song reminds me of SSX on tour, so many one footers

  • dsb

    footyfiend on the come up! hyped for jordan and cody

  • mormons suck and blake payne is a bouws