CAPiTA Tuesdays: Dustin Craven FULL PART


Breathe in the snowmobile exhaust fumes and relish in some backcountry booters and pow boardin’ with Crusty Dusty himself, courtesy of CAPiTA Snowboarding.

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  1. Churr Boy
    Churr Boy says:

    HAVE YOU SEEN PHIL JAQUES PART!??? 2 songs…Every trick he does is proper and with effortless style. and he hafcab 270s henniger to what else more do you want. Sorry backcountrys cool but watching it for me just doesnt do it. Everything looks the same its just spinning its just pretty fucking boring if u ask me.

  2. Schleg! likes Montana
    Schleg! likes Montana says:

    You start off strong saying that Phil Jacque’s part is ridiculous, which it totally is. No point in fighting that, his tricks are fucked, the rails are big and the style’s all there. But then you take the turd in the punch bowl by implying that Craven’s part is straight boring filler. Are you incapable of see how ridiculous his lines are and how solid his spins are?

    Churr Boy do you not get what makes you so stupid?

  3. *
    * says:

    Sorry Chur Boy.. But Spend a day out in the back country or on a snowmobile and you might have some respect for what you are watching.. You fucking idiot.

  4. Minty Shorn
    Minty Shorn says:

    Hey! You! Churrd Boy! I felt the same about watching backcountry riding too until I actually experienced it. Once you drop some cliffs, shoot some gaps, and slay some lines, the perspective of how huge the pros go is there.

  5. Minty Shorn
    Minty Shorn says:

    Enrique, there’s nothing surprising about the number of insane backcountry shots. Craven has been a silent killer for a few years. He’s definitely underrated, but that’s probably how he likes it.

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