Laura Hadar: Queen of the RATS

Laura Hadar is constantly trying to come up with something new and inventive in the world of art or snowboarding. She’s immersed herself in the Salt Lake scene and taken charge, opening an art gallery by the name of FICE, which has featured Corey Smith’s vintage styled portraits to Mike Gonsalves’ army of Zeach Men. She’s also no slouch on her board, as you’ve probably seen her receiving a silver roll of duct tape at the Legendary Banked Slalom and a heavy hitting part in CAPiTA’s Defenders of Awesome, on top of many others over the years. Aside from that, she’s really one of the nicest people you’ll meet. She earned the name Mama Hades by doing just that, being the best Mama around. Her latest idea is FRIED RATS, so sit down and get yourself a serving.

Why RATS, why not something more appealing like Fried Chicken?

I came up with name because my girl friend and I got rat tats a year or so ago and we were talking about getting fried egg tats next. Fried Rats

What are you trying to do with this?

Of course aside from making obscene amounts of money… The whole idea is that everybody just works hard to be the best at whatever they do, or are passionate about and then share it. Essentially that is what FRIED RATS is. That’s kind of like a motto. Also the other rules are Be Nice and there are no rules to life so go at it. 

Tell me about the Ghandi Shit. Is that something just for the collective or should we be doing that anyway?

Ghandi Shit- Believe In Me. Trevor came up with that. I think that we all believed in each other and were there to support one another we could achieve more for sure. 

You’ve had your hand in the art world with FICE for a while now, should the Rats be easy to release because of that? Also, does FICE stand for anything? I’ve always wondered that. For the busters that don’t know, maybe give a little sentence or two background on FICE and what its about.

Yeah, we are not really even trying to release anything with FRIED RATS, all we want to do is give a platform for all of our friends to share their stories, moments of glory, thoughts etc. with each other. So it’s a whole different thing than FICE. FRIED RATS is lo-fi shit. 

Would you be psyched if kids started giving themselves stick and poke tattoos of the dead Rat? I feel like Govy could be running rampant with those critters this summer. You should put on a stick and poke contest and award the winner with a real rat.

NO. I think tattoos are pretty stupid for the most part, I just happen to be stuck with a bunch of them. 

The first run of Fried Rats stickers

Aside from snow bros, who else is involved with the Fried Rats? It seems like your direction is truly collecting people from all walks of life and showcasing their craft.

Yeah, right now we got patches on the likes of snowboard company owners jackets, artist, musicians, little kids, moms, everyone is invited in our crew. As long as you are nice. 

When is Doman gonna do a smiley Fried Rat? I would buy the shit out of that.

I dunno. we will have to send him a letter and ask him if he would draw something up. 

Who is Trey Doja and how are you going to make the world care about him with this answer?

He is an illusive Gangster who spends his days sleepwalking and his nights jammin out prints and paintings. 

Do you have big plans with this or are you just going to put out he feelers and let the Rats collect naturally?

Yeah, FRIED RATS is totally up to anyone who wants to participate and I want it to grow naturally and or die naturally. Right now, I am using it to gather people together and create something we can all hold with our hands. Really its all about just celebrating good people, doing good things together. 

How would one get their hands on a zine and how could someone contribute to it? …Can I?

If you want a Zine or to contribute to a Zine you just have to get on the mailing list. You can email us you mailing address to [email protected] Once we have your mailing list we can keep you in better contact with whats going on. I mean our website will always be updated with video and photo content, but when it comes down to it, FRIED RATS is all about DIY analog shit. So the mailing list is where its at.

You say on your tumblr page that you have no intention of hawking product but will the world get what they want in a limited series print of t shirts say this summer? I’ll even help.

Yeah. I’m sure we will “hawk” product at some point in time. But mostly it will be to all our rat friends. Cause nobody else is really gonna care anyway.

Ok, here’s the question that this has all be building up to, would you eat a Fried Rat? I’m sure some country is capable of preparing it really well.

HELL YES! Taste likes chicken, I’m sure.

Print’s not dead!

When you’re done with snowboarding and break the hearts of millions of little boys that are in love with you, seriously, will the world be able to find you in some neat little cottage around Salt Lake just surrounded by rats churning out prints and zines?

I’ll never be done with snowboarding. I am about to go to Alaska for the first time in my life and I’m 27 years old. I feel like this is the beginning of my snowboard career right now. I’m so fucking hungry and I don’t give a fuck, I’m just doing it because I love it and not caring what the hell anybody thinks about it. So no, but you might find me in a converted van jamming away at my typewriter on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, getting ready to find a KInKos and print out a new issue.

Go superhype and give shoutouts to everybody that you want.

Shout out to anyone who is following their dreams, working hard and believing in themselves. Your are Badass and I think you kill it. Keep doing it! Anything is possible you just have to work hard, believe in yourself, repeat. Thank you for all the Rats out there that have had my back, believed in me and supported me and my dreams. Much love to Trey Doja, Struggle Wolf, Lil Boots, and Rat Child! 

Thanks Laura! Also if you are still confused as to what FRIED RATS really is, don’t worry about it. Check out

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