Rejected Edits


Logic says by this point in the season, there should be less and less rejected edits to post. Whether it be from the constant beat down from me and the loyal followers or from the amount of time on snow you should have had by now, the quality of edit should improve and therefore less edits for this feature. That is not the case this week. So pat yourselves on the back, you are still just as bad at filming, editing, and riding as you were two months ago.

Look Mom Files Vol.1: D+

If I had a dollar for all the Capita board-Union binding combos I’ve seen this year I would be rich. You guys are trying so hard to be like your east coast recently popular heroes. I don’t have a problem with that, be like your idols. But please don’t submit an edit until you can do the moves comfortably and correct. There was so much zeaching going on in this edit I would be embarrassed if it were I that you were trying to emulate.

Monday Funday 4: C-

Nothing sets the tone for an edit like some nice unintentional early-out box slides. You tried to do it all here — mellow park, hand rails, and big jumps. The mellow park was wack, the hand rails were played out and weak, and the big jumps had no style. Classic Summit County.

Campgaw Mountain Steezy Sundays ep. 6: D+

If that’s not an opener then I don’t know what is. Little tailfish gap to half ass noseslide. Dang. Someone needs to go to this place and put on a sliding rails/boxes sideways clinic.

Stunting at Tobboganburg: D

Talk about a lame edit. This one is up there for all time biggest wastes of time. Congratulations. Nothing in this edit makes me want to snowboard or care about what you’re doing.

Drop Productions: 2012 Loon Edit: C-

It looks like you have no comprehension of how to snowboard or do moves. I feel like you woke up one morning and said, “hey lets go try and fly off some snow ramps onto some metal things today.” It was nice of your uncle to let you borrow his condo in NH for the weekend.

Mt. High in January: C-

The thought process going into this edit went something like this: “Hey guys, I just got a new GoPro. Let’s go make a sick edit, we’ll get it posted on Yobeat and everyone will tell us how sick our overly-generic rail riding tricks are.”

Pretty Flocko: D+

Holy Nick Visconti pants! You obviously don’t care about this edit so why should anyone else? Go home and come back when you’re ready to not waste my time.

Keaton Rodgers full part: D-

If anyone can get past :07 and still think something good is going to come from this I commend them. Every once in awhile you come across an edit that really annoys you. This is one of those for me.

Yawgoo Edit: C

After all the Yawgoo edits that have been posted on Yobeat, I wouldn’t suggest submitting one where your riding is worse than Mary Rand’s. The bar has been set pretty high for Yawgoo edits, this one falls short.

DatRAWshit: C

I think your one friend has watched a few too many Alex Stathis parts/edits. Who makes that other kid’s jacket and pant combo though? It’s pretty sick.

Ben Levin: D

Wow your park looks bad. You’ve got some real weekend warrior style. Maybe that can become a thing if you keep at it. A true pioneer.

Welcome, Hylands of Olympia: C

So is the poor/shaky filming some sort of abstract art project? Or are you just not good at being steady?

The Great Bear Edit: D

Maybe relax on the color changing/film burn effects a bit. I cant really comment on your riding I was too distracted by next level editing techniques.

A Day with the Hate Hard Crew: D-

This has got to be a joke right? I can understand not knowing your snowboarding is bad when you’re actually doing it, it all happens so fast. But you have video proof here of yourselves barely touching the smallest of rails and zeaching it. This is just bad.

DiscoBob 2012: D-

This edit is just depressing. You guys appear to have an awesome spot with several legit options. Your snowboarding however, is real bad. Like you shouldn’t tell your girlfriend you snowboard because if she sees this she will dump you bad.

Wolfpack wolfshred Wednesday at Mt. Brighton: D

This one is actually pretty funny. This park is pretty awful, and I can see you’re trying. But you definitely need to spend a couple months either without the camera turned on or make the edit but don’t submit them. Because right now this edit will get you laughed off the Internet.

Skier fight at Timber Ridge: D-

You had a sick edit here until you went and ruined it with all those shots of you and your friends snowboarding. No one wants to see your sick backside girl kick shifties. Just upload the raw footage of the kids fighting.

Powder Kings Do Slow mo: C

I thought we had just about gotten rid of twixtor edits. Way to bring it back, we were all waiting for another sub par edit stretched and deformed into a 5-minute yawn fest. It should be known by now that only T. Rice and Co. are capable of making people watch snowboarding at that many frames per second. And even that’s a stretch.

  • jerms mom

    I like taking it in the ass from large black men

  • Flocka Waka

    That fight looked even lamer than the four ponds one!

  • yoshi

    I wonder what would happen if you gave any of these kids an hvx

  • love

    way to spread the hate around, hater

  • RonJ.

    Yobeat: Hipster keyboard jockeys telling you how to snowboard since 1997

  • MattyT

    I just watched the first one… not that bad.

  • jack cantner’s dead daughter

    those first kids weren’t THAT awful…

  • spkr

    Haha look at all these rejects!! what a bunch of losers.

  • Mashinit

    Yobeat makes me want to quit snowboarding.

  • LURK

    the first kid in the first edit should keep snowboarding

  • Bugs Bunny

    rejected comments: kids anonymously posting their edit “isn’t that bad” and jerm is a hater

  • balls

    Yobeat: portland’s finest posers claiming they live by mountains but making fun of people whom actually snowboard since 1997

  • yep

    jerm.. as always, spot on.

  • dude

    its really funny that jerm is the best snowboarder on the yobeat staff, you guys all suck for how much shit you talk. rejected edits are getting old.

  • O.A.

    Most of these kids are doing tricks I can’t do, therefore I can’t hate. I want edits from the Yobeat contributors.

  • rollerblades

    so many head cuts, how do these kids survive without a fuckin noggin?

  • eh.

    furst kid in the first video is mike rav’s cousin

  • cameron

    I almost feel bad for that kid who got both of his edit rejected.

  • jerm

    Fuck yeah for both edits getting rejected! saga still sucks

  • Kalamazoo

    Fuck yes, now a small portion of the snowboarding world knows how shitty timber ridge is and will never go there. That place deserves to be rejected off this earth.

  • so…

    first edit was better than every I.C.K.S. edit ever

  • Juice

    Jerm sucks, Saga makes skier skittle gear, And Yobeat has let me down.

  • YouReak YoBeat

    Its funny how yobeat writers hate on videos when in reality they make the worst videos ever, all the time! Just an fyi, no actual snow companies in the industry would ever want to hire you cocky clowns. You guys look like fucking gooners and gapers when you head to events!… but does anybody hate on you while you ride.. NO! Nobody in the industry wants to sit next to some stuck up asshole who thinks he’s better than everyone else because he talks to pro snowboarders and can make fun of people on the internet. You guys suck and I’ve personally heard a lot of people talk shit about your employees and their attitude/ alter egos. I’ve encountered people being turned down for positions solely because they work/worked for yobeat. You guys are annoying chumps and I hope you realize you sound like high-school gossip girls everytime i read your articles! YOu guys are the fashion crisis line of snowboarding. THE JERSEY SHORE OF SNOWBOARDING WEBSITES! Who gives a shit if kids are wearing hats and capita boards, I know I don’t give a shit what you wear, but of course you yobeat people want everyone to be drinking beer, smoking cigs, and wearing leather jackets! You guys suck, and some of these videos are better than yours, infact quite a few! Just because you will never get a real job with an actual snowboarding company doesn’t mean you need to be a prick!! You guys used to be a lot better when you had actual hilarious reasons to joke/hate on things, but now you guys aren’t funny at all. Your just grumpy bitter old ugly fat fucks who suck at everything, INCLUDING WRITING! Your articles are about as in depth and intelligent as the dumb comments i read on youtube all day. Please just shut this site down and do us all a favor and just shut the hell up and go snowboard!

  • Matt Thomas

    Im cool because I ride Breck.

  • Brooke

    #23 your right. yobeat is gay…. but its also sweet. if that makes sense. i come on this site all the time to check out edits. why do you care that they care so much #23. is it cuz your a reject, cuz im a reject on this very page but you dont hear me crying? yobeat is the coolest, gayest site in the world for all the reasons you listed. and if yobeat didnt exist where would we go to compare ourselves with the hip shrowders? cuz face it if this site was only filled with actual pros we would all hate our lives. its fun to hate on people from the lift isnt it?

  • @YouReak YoBeat

    Mad cause your a hesh wanna be with a 2012 capita and 2012 unions…

  • Brooke

    the VG guys did have some opinions about yobeat tho. and VG is law

  • Brooke


  • YouReak YoBeat

    Well Im not from VideoGrass, and either were the people I was talking to, so… you still suck YOBEAT! And it’s good to know other companies I haven’t even spoke with about you guys still don’t approve. Learn how to use correct grammar Brooke! I mean jesus, did your parents send your spoiled ass to college so you could just wipe your ass with your journalism degree? Spend some time and actually think about the stuff you say, because you just agreed with my comment that your articles all suck and that none of you can write anything even mildly intelligent or entertaining. But thanks for agreeing with me that you guys suck not only for your videos, but your articles that sound like my little 7 year old sister wrote!

  • ble

    @ this entire thread: u mad?

  • 989

    the keaton rodgers video made my ears bleed and sounded like it was straight outta tony hawks pro skater for N64….i liked it

  • Tha bawse

    First video did not deserve rejected… Maybe not a full feature on the website, but definitely not rejected edits… I want to see jerm do half of the tricks they do

  • whats a keaton rogers? that kids raw yo

  • fuck

    haha just wait, the first kid in the first edit is going to come out with some crazy jaeger bailey edit. fuck you, yobeat.

  • im jerm

    jerm will get killed someday from his hate

  • jermlikesweiners

    shut up jermyweiner. cole navin rips

  • Gerg!

    “Just because you will never get a real job with an actual snowboarding company…”

    There are real jobs in the snowboard industry? Interesting…

  • YouReak YoBeat

    1. Union bindings are the best, everyone uses them and has for… sheesh forever?

    2. CAPITA? come on… only like one kid had it in the edit. And they were kinda slaying it at parts, there were definitely some park hammers!.. I would just say cut out some of the shots and make it shorter?… Plus they are just good boards so don’t be hating because you decided to be unique and bought an expensive Pabst blue ribbon board because you think it makes you look hip.

    3. Fully agree with Ron J, “Yobeat: Hipster keyboard jockeys telling you how to snowboard since 1997”

    4. I think we can all agree Saga sucks, maybe you yobeat people could get a job with them?

    5.That kids song did really suck, it sounded like weird al yankovic covering a punk band. I would agree the snowboarding was raw, but its all just the same old park shots one after another… spice it up?

    6. You bummm people out on snowboarding, not only these kids who make these edits but also people just clicking through your website! I mean shit if I met someone talking like you on the hill Id probably ask you what the fuck is stuck up your ass! Or I would just tell you to stop being a whiney bitch and watch you try to hit the jump in front of me and just eat shit because you suck at snowboarding even more so than the people you make fun of! NOW THAT IS FUNNY!

    7. You should make a feature called “rejected employees”, and write about how big of TOOLS all of you are…

  • upbeat

    LOL @Youreak YoBeat. And the Mt high in January was decent, road gap was legit

  • YouReak YoBeat

    Upbeat your right. Brooke I don’t hate you or anyone on here, just thought you guys needed a little dose of your own medicine aka Rude medicine. Im just obviously quite opinionated, but so are you guys, and apparently so is VG! haha!

  • YouReak YoBeat

    ps. OOOH! 🙂

  • WUT?

    first edit deserved more than a D+

  • Brohan

    YouReak YoBeat going ham on all the white folkes

  • Brooke

    Youreak says things like kinda slaying it. I think we can all agree from time to time we all kinda slay it

  • youll get it someday YouReak, maybe.

  • 6666666666

    To you “YouReak Yobeat”, why are you even here? did your horrendous/ borderline unwatchable edit get ‘rejected’? you and your long drawn out comments about about a silly winter time sport are pathetic. go DIE.

  • Pff

    All I know is I followed yobeat thru main park last Sunday
    And he thru switch bs 900 to bs 10 to gah damn wild
    Cat. Yobeat killed it so fuck off

  • Pff


  • Pff

    You can front 3 you can back 3 but can you opp 3? It’s a whole new damn 3?!

  • Hater McBater

    If your gonna make a edit in the park, don’t film the same rail over and over again. change it up, do some lines. Watching filler footy on a down rail for 3 minutes is fucking lame.

  • andrew

    i love all these pissed off kids that thought this video would help them go pro, then jerm makes fun of them and they make new catch phrases for yobeat.

  • jon

    Kids have no outlet here without getting torn to pieces it’s kinda lame, everyones gotta start somewhere. plus some of these kids edits did tricks no different then some of todays “featured” riders, maybe not as super clean but they are given it a shot. lets see a yobeat employee edit.

  • Le Grenouille

    Hey Paquette,

    Ta guele sale pute. Chaque fois j’y visite, tu vomis des memes conneries. Les producteurs essayons. Quoi d’plus veux-tu?

  • Lorenzo

    FUCK YOU JERM, THAT FIRST EDIT WAS FUCKING SICK. Please. No way that should have been rejected.

  • DAMN

    If you really think this edit sucks, you are smoking crystal meth.

  • Ohio Steve

    Reading the hate spewed out on this site is depressing. Everyone needs to go do a method/tweaked tail grab and have some fun.

  • RonJ.

    Hey Jerm, why did you take the Medowellica edit down, was it because it was actually good and you have no taste, or is it because it is all pros and they could actually effect your mag.

    Jerm: Talks shit about the little guy but won’t stand behind his own words when it comes to pros.

  • blunderbust

    Rejected edits always remind me why I live in Tahoe.

  • tool bag editors

    classic summit county? east coast kids cant jump for shit gtfoh

  • @RonJ, the person who uploaded the medowellica edit disabled embedding after it was posted here. I have no problem rejecting any edit. To all you who say “some of those tricks were good” in whatever edit, that may be true. but the rest of the edit is filled with stuff that doesnt need to be seen. its half assed boring shit. just put in the good/interesting stuff, thats all i ask. And Jon, youre right there is no other outlet on this site because this isnt a video hosting site. Go to strap’d up if you just want to watch user submit videos all day.

  • RonJ.

    @jerm fair enough

  • Crabs

    youreak yousuck

  • red heads

  • friendsbfriends

    what is wrong with you.. this was my last visit you bitter ass bloggers

  • crabsHASaids

    Jerm, I agree with you. My only advice to the person who wrote this is to work on your constructive criticism because a lot of these you just hate on and don’t even tell us why they suck to you or how they could improve.

  • Alden

    Alday Productions
    ‎$1 beers, Djs Shields, and One Eye on the 1s and 2s tonight spinin your favorites at Lindzee O’Michaels MixologistS every Monday night! Pong challenge with cash prize and Alday videos on the screens. A few of our cameras will be in the bar tonight so look your best! Ask one of us and we will buy you a beer!

  • ConnieTsunami

    Wow, I’m sure every kid in the disco bob edit came off early on every single street rail they hit. On top of that get sideways assholes, with out zeaching.

  • WUT?

    there is only one capita union combo in the first edit?

  • i ride in jeans

    i liked the part where people got offended by the internet

  • SkeatOnU

    This is keaton and i changed the song back to the original song i used. Youtube made me change it to that shitty song for copyright issues but I think its resolved now… Anyways it still probably isnt feature worthy, n I know i should get some more shit that just park footy. It was just my mt hood and bachy footy so i wanted to make an edit so whateva. I guess that song is pretty damn annoying… But now its a rad ass song. The motivator by t rex! Im sure everyone will still hate it though hahahaha!

  • You know what they say, “Any publicity is good publicity”.

  • JeremiahPaquettemustlovedudes

    @ Youreak yobeat….Could you please post your real name so we can all see how gay you are via facebook photos.


  • jack johnson is sexy

    O-Lympia getting some recognition!

  • rupert

    brought to you by saga but the only two i watched had better riding than the saga gif in the right column…

  • upstatemike.


  • reality

    lol, this is really pissing kids off. who cares if yobeat makes fun of your video and puts it in rejected edits. the point of snowboarding isnt getting your video posted on yobeat. snowboarding is just for fun. im pretty sure snowboarding wouldnt have every been invented or stuck around this long if it wasnt fun. so if your not having fun snowboarding, just quit now.

  • do it

    keep rejecting mark hoyt videos!

  • Damn Nigga

    Brooke, you just got debo’ed so hard. YouReak definitely fuxi’s wit it. Can I get some ice for that Debo

  • turd ferguson

    @Jerm- If most of the tricks don’t need to be seen, then why are you posting it on this “website”? Stop bumming kids out, yobeat. Reject the rejected edits feature and you’ll be one tiny step closer at regaining any of the respect you might have once had in the industry.

  • jakeh

    @79, i don’t mind that my edit got rejected, i actually like the rejected edits, i like the criticism and the feedback i get from people. It didn’t bum me out at all, I’m glad to see some people commenting supporting my video and also i got about a 1000 views from being on the rejected list in two days

  • ^because i enjoy putting people down.

  • travis cullison

    how didnt you like look mom files feeble 180 ,gap back smith oh and you cat forget hometown zero with the front-flip haha but dave dibara was actually snowboarding

  • Jacob Nelson

    I got a C-! thats better then I ever did in school! wooooo

  • Um…I’m not sure what to post, so I’ll just post a line of random bullshit.

  • hipster

    Jeremiah Paquette is a hipster.

  • hipster

    ^ I agree lol

  • ^that is the first time ive ever actually been insulted by someone on this site.

  • Alden

    wouldnt see mother fucking alday in rejected edits! yo

  • Don Perignon

    Steezy Sunday edit is dope, some of the riding is weak, but also had some tight shots. Yobeat is beat yo. Tight ass gypsy hesh is dumb as hell

  • Jerm you are bitchmade. That is all.

  • Vic

    Come to the Big Hit Shop and talk your shit to our faces. Next time one of you qualifies first at a Dew Tour stop be sure to let us know.

  • mike

    jerm you’re killin me. our b roll kills all the other edits and you still talk shit.

  • Jerms Second Dad

    Me an your father are so proud of you Jerm :)<333

  • #sagafam

    Either way, even the go pro shots are better than the quality of filming jerm is putting out.

  • Sloppypoppy

    YouReak read comments on YouTube all day long… I need THAT job

  • taylor

    vic- you stoned or stupid, boy? you put garbage in your edit, it got rejected. way to claim that you know someone in the dew tour. eatshit. isn’t that the name of big hit’s dumbass rasta clothing brand? breckenridge is a fucking joke. i can’t wait til i’m done with school so i can leave this state and quit driving an hour and a half to ride at that godforsaken excuse for a mountain full of idiots like you.

  • aaron

    yo im new to this site is all the hate real or you guys just clowning??

  • John

    geesh if i had a dollar for all the burton board and burton bindings ive seen this year id be rich

  • blow me

    taylor- you are more than welcome to never come back we dont need anymore denver wannabes trying to tell everyone how to ride. when u do graduate and discover that to actually make it on the dew tour you have to be good at snowboarding. second to all these yobeat sallys; snowboarding is a way of life not a sport it is not meant to be talked about on sportscenter or hated on by posers. maybe if you didn’t have your nose so far up shaun whites ass with your tongue wrapped around his balls copying his style with your wannabe rocker look and pleather pants you would understand this. when was that last time any of you remember what it was like before the double, oh wait you dont. your to young and dumb to be a part of the good ol days of when the only people that hated us were skiers and rich people. as a community we need to make fun of everyone else not each other. one last thing hesh is dead o.g. is back and you street gypsy jihad posing fairies can thank ur friend shaun white for that. hahaha long live jamie lynn

  • Jerm

    Fuck yobeat im done with this shit. bitches