Yawgoons #4


Brendan Gouin just knows how to make a video, and he told me this may very well be his favorite to date. What are you waiting for? Hit play!

Riders: Dylan Gamache and Brian Skorupski.

Helplessly Young by Oh No Ono
Six Months in a Leaky Boat by Split Enz

  • g00nies

    the ripped pant legs distracted me

  • upstatemike.

    only a ski resort in rhode island would have a fucking boat and lobstah traps kickin around. this edit is the shit!

  • connor

    that good shit!

  • Mdot

    Way to dump this one on the block gouin

  • DirtDick


  • My favorite mountain series this year.

  • daGod


  • Gerg!

    I was hoping that I hadn’t seen a Yawgoons video in a couple weeks because you guys won the $340 million powerball jackpot… I bet if you show the winner this video, they will give you at least half!

    Thank you for making awesomeness

  • thats a boat…on a mud tire, on lobster pots. RI or die bitches

  • YMR

    holy fucking fuck. what the fuck… fuck!

  • bluemont

    sooo good.

  • Drake

    2 times more efficient than most parks with those rope tow rails. Great idea.

  • Andrew

    Dylan FACKIN Gamache!!!! God damn c3, get this kid some pants!!!!!

  • Tim Bradley

    This is awesome.

  • Hash Slinging Slasher


  • connor

    so creative. so stylish. so good to look at

  • wait

    that rop tow line

  • tedore

    you have now advanced to the next level…..

  • these edits restore my faith in resort edits it just looks like the best time while filming instead of kids getting broke off trying retarded shit in front of a rich kid and his parents camera.

  • Switch ollie over the barrel? Are you kidding me?

  • Buck

    Dylan, what’s your address? I will send you a pair of pants because you sorely need them.

  • jesus

    that fakie board slide twas insane

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    The management at this area must be so dope. Props for creativity and murdering those features!!

  • dblock

    So proper

  • kevin

    i dont know man, i heard the filmers parents bought him that camera

  • free burberry

    Rhode Island has a high rate of cocaine use per capita which might explain why this edit is so dope.

  • Dr. Evil

    @kevin he’s a dentist. makes more money than both of your parents.

  • tristan

    I watched this video three times and counting.

  • Dr. B.’s filming is SO FUCKING PERFECT. noice mayn. oh yeah, gamache kinda wrecked shop too….

  • management at yawgoo fucking sucks. you have no idea they could careless about snowboarders every rail is homeade and shitty as fuck and theres no terrain park, two rails up at a time. unless Dr B is in the house.

  • Churr Boy

    @rodylan- its hill in RI, what do u expect. these kids make the best outta what they have and destroy shit. Its crazy how good they are for riding this little spot. you gotta give em props.

  • The Foxy Lady, Providence, RI

    @rodylan. you are dead wrong. simple as that.

  • Chettah’s

    all up in that steez

  • Bumble Bee Killer

    @rodylan your an idiot, yawgoo is the shit kids there slay with little to no features. Dylan’s switch ollie over that barrel was amazing. Take note people

  • poop

    that second song was used in a sandbox video! off limits!!!!!

  • griff

    bring rego back

  • cmn

    i like the sketchyness

  • this is

    the best thing ever.

  • csm

    hell yeah, dylan should play in the nba with those fawkin ups guy, kid could probably dunk

  • hunter

    as expected that was amazing. will marcus be back for yawgoons 5?!

  • UHHH

    these suck

  • LER

    Loved it. Great vid docta, that uphill line was cool. Marcus definitely would have done a front 5 off that dinghy!

  • JakeReder

    This video should be titled press play for instant happiness and faith in snowboarding