Blake Paul FULL PART


I’m still a little bitter that Blake didn’t put me in his insta-collage from the Banked Slalom, so he’s lucky to be good at boarding. As seen in Manifest — check the full video here.

Filmed by- Sam Tuor, Alex Pashley, TGR, Rich Goodwin, and Chris Cressy

  • karnkarn

    Sick Part. mmm snow..

  • cock

    i watched this because people with the last name paul see to be blessed with amazing snowboard talent, and i was not disappointed.

  • cOoLyN

    bPr0dDi 1z Da DaNk3sT

  • Luke

    that was refreshing!

  • seamtits foster

    that was so sick!

  • throwback

    B PRODDIII!!!! holy shit. how is this lanky motha fucka so good?

  • this is really good

  • squares

    suuuch a sick style. that was awesome.

  • ltc

    never dissapoints

  • Boobeyes

    too much powder. not enough rails, dreads, tall tees, or 450s off. did not watch.

  • why the fuck does every “Paul” kill it?

  • jerm !

    I suck at my job, i am a hater of everyone. boobeyes is gay

  • ble

    this kid is good

  • Always excited for Blake’s boardin’. Seriously kills everything.

  • the ramones are sick

  • Joey


  • Great style, and refreshing to see a young gun that can ride more than just rails

  • wat?

    There were no rails in this and still no hate comments? I can barely believe it. Dude rips, although a front board or two wouldn’t have been a bad thing.

  • Don’t worry, Brooke. He put me in his collage.

  • ble

    @wat, did you watch the video? he did a blunt sameway and something else i dont care about so stfu

  • rkelly

    he seems oddly tall…..really good tho

  • Props for being tall and making it work!!!

  • argggg


  • jonas

    Blake rips. It’s crazy that he is 7 ft 6 inches tall, and only 15 years old. I also heard him and Tucker Andrews share the same bed occasionally.

  • robbie

    What is that white stuff he’s sliding down, do they have snow guns that make that?