2012 Legendary Banked Slalom Video


Since the “Shit ______ Says” videos have been done to death, we figured it was about time to beat a dead horse and introduce “Shit People Say at the Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom.” But fear not, we’ve also included some left turns, and some right turns from some of the fastest rippers on the course: Terje Haakonsen, Temple Cummins, Josh Dirksen, and Travis Rice. Aside from the speed wobbles of the 27th annual Banked Slalom, we’ve also got highlights from the first annual handplant contest, as well as some salmon eating. That about covers it. Oh yeah, Brooke pukes at the end.

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  1. who cares
    who cares says:

    seriously yobeat, the edit was good and the coverage was great but in an endless sea of music, you have to pick a song that was used in an awesome part that you know everyone that looks at this website has seen more than once? step your game up.

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