Firing Squad: Steve Lauder vs Keenan Aggiss

This week the boss told me not to pick any photos from the pro/semi-pro dudes that usually submit photos to us. It seems that if I pick the “good” shots the photographers that took them don’t rally for votes, the comments aren’t entertaining and people generally vote and forget about it. Well, this week I’m going to burn images into your mind. What images you ask? How about ass shots and tailfishes. Try not to think about those all week after you vote.

Love, Zimmerman

Steve Lauder

Keenan Aggiss

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Think you can do this good or better? The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. When win a weekly battle, you will a sweet goodie pack from Burton Snowboards. Each month, the four winning photos will again do battle for a place in the Champions Gallery and a Burton Camera Pack! To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines. Happy shooting!


  • Rob

    both are garbage?

  • matt

    that grab is so improper it hurts..

  • ………..

    Steve, Keenan. Put down your cameras and walk away.

  • Ryan

    Read the description to the photos you idiots. Steve all the way though. Getting the lil ol sled in there and everything.

  • ayerscare

    Best Battle YET

  • MattKusbelisGay

    Both are really good. I love the composition in photo one. The snowmobile really frames the photo perfectly!
    #[email protected]

  • hmmm

    tuck those pants in

  • chikenbonenowison

    more of a tindy than stale

  • tailfish shot is so epic!

  • squares

    im gonna vote for photo 2 because it has a fisheye lens!

  • Samuel

    Not quite sure what is happening in photo 1, but I’m pretty sure that kid is sending it. And I have to disagree, I’m not digging the fisheye in photo 2.

  • FilmerD

    Ian Keay sending it down a dirt gap in the first photo. Got the shot too!

  • the second photo is that strange combination of everything being so terribly wrong that it transcends bad and is unquestionably amazing. I’m abstaining from voting because of the clear dominance of pants tucked into boots and stinkbug tailfish.

  • blindman

    Number 1 for sure. I bet it would be fun to go sledding on the little yellow whip in the foreground

  • I’d let Keenan stick it in my tail or fish

  • Skunky J

    They’re both teerrible, but the first one is slightly less terrible. Plus, as it’s been pointed out, that old ass sled looks like fun. 😀

  • Bean Tooth

    Eat my ass and tickle my balls fuck faces!