Defenders of Awesome: Cale Zima FULL PART


Someone on Twitter mentioned we hadn’t said how awesome CAPiTA was in a minute. Well, we think it’s awesome they’re hooking up Cale Zima’s full part from Defenders of Awesome, so there!

Get the whole movie on iTunes here!

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  1. poofacekillah
    poofacekillah says:

    Why they keep showing free parts?? Its cool when you don’t own the movie, but when you spent the $$ to buy it, its like,, why? is this helping snowboard industry?

  2. duh
    duh says:

    @pooface You clearly don’t understand how snowboard movies work. The video comes out pre-season. The video nerds buy it (me) and watch it ten times and get stoked. Then mid season (now) video sales pretty much die out since all the vid nerds have already spent their money. The video sponsors then get to use the footage for whatever promotional use they want. For example, posting on websites like this to get kids stoked that didn’t buy the video. It’s very good for the industry.

  3. yep
    yep says:

    Cale is sick. I was in SLC a few years ago and helped Cale convince some gaper that forces are far superior to contacts for all around riding. Cale then gave me a discount on everything I bought that day as well as everything my brother bought. Easily saved us $100. Dude rips, and then is the coolest shop kid ever. Awesome.

  4. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    you know why the world gonna end in a few months? Cause all the little fucks are so spoiled now that they are complaining about FREE SHIT.

  5. potatoe
    potatoe says:

    The song is by Project Pat – keep that

    personally i dont mind cale’s style. dudes got balls to for some of gnarly shit he does

  6. poofacekillah
    poofacekillah says:

    @ duh , thanks,[email protected] UpstateMike,I wasn’t complaining about free shit so STFU. I really just want to know how/why this helps or hurts.. I would think it would hurt sales but apparently Duh doesn’t think so, because everyone who was going to buy it already did….

  7. jerms penis
    jerms penis says:

    bad style? i get an erection every time cale stomps a trick. and ejeculate when he does switch back 3s a gap to down rail. but seriously guys… dont question jerms sexuality, he doesnt like to talk about it.

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