Stefan Krumm Elected Mayor of Tube City

Tommy Gonzalez, tubing in the city.

Words and photos: Adam Ramseth

Nine years ago Krush Kulesza & Snowboy Productions started (or re-started, based on local lore) a quarterpipe contest at Hyak called the Holy Oly Revival. Its rail garden-esque stepbrother, a section of the course named “Tube City” started formed to amuse spectators, and to give the competitors a bit of a break in monotony from hitting a 25′ quarterpipe. But in the last few years, as the “rail guys” have continued to get better, and the “quarterpipe guys” have continued to get better, the two seemed to share center stage together in the same event. Soon, a separate winner’s category even spawned to acknowledge the drawing of the line in the sand between the two events, and the “Mayor of Tube City” has been crowned. For the last two years, the Mayor has been Forest Bailey. So, as with most stars who grow to deserve their own spotlight, 2012 was the stepbrother’s time to headline in it’s own event. “Gnu’s Tube City” was held Saturday February 4th, a few miles up the road from the shadowy giant beer can of Hyak, Summit Central at Snoqualmie.

Don’t worry, methods still went down! This is the Northwest. Jacob Krugmire.

Sunny days are rare here in the winter in the Northwest, so with springlike conditions from morning until sundown on Saturday, a better day couldn’t have been had for the election of a new mayor. A field of local ams, pros & groms spent a few hours sessioning Tube City’s 14 or so features. Not unlike the old days down the street, Tube City competitors were treated to hot dogs, bananas, tunes, some sunburns, and Jesse Burtner on microphone duty making fun of Tranny Finders. Forest Burki even splitboarded from Mt. Baker, I think wearing a poncho. To say that the ability and talent of the field surpassed the necessity of the inaugural separation would be an understatement. All the riders killed it.

In the end. There were five notable riders worthy of mention (the City Council?): Jay Hergert, Jon Olmstead, Garrett Read, Trevor Schy, and Robert Benott.

The judges took things super serious.

Top Grom award went to Keala Cole, who destroyed all features larger than him…which was everything. Top Lady (First Lady?) award went to Naima Frost. 3rd place, and winner of a Poler Couch Surfer was Jacob Krugmire, 2nd place, and receiver of a Superpass to attend Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark this spring, was Matt Pattachuci and 1st place, the new Mayor, was none other than local rad-dude Stefan Krumm. Stefan is the new Mayor of Tube City until they decide to hold the event again, but will also get to hold the title of “Mr. Mayor” and the hitching post trophy (made by local artist Terry Toecutter Parker & for as long as he’d like.

The transfer of power.

Stefan’s first decree as Mayor? “Everyone go home and party!”

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    Stefan Krumm is what makes me hate snowboarding, get some fucking style you faggot

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    I found Stefan Krumm’s wallet here in Oregon. It has his drivers license, bank card and other stuff.
    Can someone have him call my cell? 503-704-7170

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