Butternut Volume 2


With cheap mid-week tickets and a quad that laps the park, it’s hard not to love Butternut. In fact, I unsuccessfully convinced Vermont kids that we should take shred trips to Butternut about as many times as I was unsuccessfully convinced that Phish is the new Grateful Dead.

Anyway, these dudes are doing it right over in Western Mass.

  • Maine Snow?

    wow so much style AND Jimi Hendrix ! gives me a HUGE boner

  • Churr Boy

    “…about as many times as i was unsuccessfully convinced that Phish is the new Grateful Dead.”- Thank you. Both super talented bands. But sound nothing alike, im so sick of hearing people compare them.

  • chud

    last kid super fake stee

  • wait

    ..this place is called butternut?

  • bolliver

    i’ll butter your nut

  • squares

    triple boner air was cool until none of them landed erect.

  • queef

    its called E.D.

  • noblenator

    love this place, always holds down with a dope park much love to b nutz

  • Andrew

    proper no name edit. well done

  • Andrew

    kid on the ultrafear was quite good

  • blannyford

    gotta love tha nuts

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    So loooooooose

  • Asspiper

    Kid with the solomanders gay. Str8 fag

  • lol

    i agree with asspiper

  • Justin Leveille

    you guys really should have used the song crosstown traffic, anybody who shreds the nut knows…

  • Haha wordd, crosstowns always a cluster fuck