The Kids Ride Brighton

Here’s the new kids you’ll care about next year. Maybe.

Riders: Jeff Holce, Griffin Lancaster, Nicky McMillen, Matt Bernard, Seamus Foster, Mark Pairitz, Ryan Lanham, Jake Flood and Jamie Orkin.

shot//cut by Seamus Foster & Matt Bernard

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  1. piss
    piss says:

    Get a new camera ya stoop…id kids! Get a phantom pussy Travis rice did it and so did the simpsons poop head

  2. Flat out
    Flat out says:

    I turned this video on and within ten second witnessed a fifty fifty front one performed by a man. Then I turned it off never to be watched again.

  3. #1 Hater
    #1 Hater says:

    you guys ride like pussies, no one want’s to watch you ride a bunch of little jibs in the snow.. do something where there actually is the slightest possibility of you getting hurt.

  4. hnfg
    hnfg says:

    daglife you got the right idea you should be having fun… but that doesnt mean you should film it. i dont want to watch kids hit mailboxes 6 inches out of the ground for 2 minutes.

  5. Jeff holce's baby mama
    Jeff holce's baby mama says:

    Jeff Holce is the f (_)ckin man, if you disagree eat a pimple covered di ck. Stoop Kids are awsm too.

  6. #1 Hater
    #1 Hater says:

    who the fuck films an edit for yobeat for fun? just sayin if you’re going to bother making an edit, instead of wasting a fun day at the mountain, you might as well do something worth watching.

  7. Yep
    Yep says:

    The huge deal being made about the leg bag just goes to show that most yobeat posters are 12 years old. Guess what kids? A few years ago we all had them! And guess what, you never will!

  8. T-Diggy
    T-Diggy says:

    whats with all these kids riding with their feet a dick length apart? widen your stances at least a just looks weird. these kids ripped but come on, its not helping your knees or your hesh-ness.

  9. stoopdick
    stoopdick says:

    @#1 Hater- filming a fun day is even more fun because then you get to look back on how much fun you had!! go put on your matching DC outerwear and practice your backside 360s you ass jockey

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