Who’s Next for Nope?

Snowboard teams used to be built the old-fashioned way: by a team manager who hooked up his bros. But Nope Snowboards out of Park City is going about things a little different. In fact, if you’ve got skills and a video camera, you could be next for Nope, and take home 5k cash, Bern gear and a centerfold in Arkade Mag. So what are you waiting for, go upload your edit now!

Link: Next for Nope

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  1. LURK
    LURK says:

    the horrifying images of one dude bro in nope attire flipping onto the gap down rail and the other doing serious 210 zeach tail press swivels at the SLC nike chosen rail jam will forever be burned into my mind. do yourself a favor and say NOPE to nope.

  2. Luke
    Luke says:

    lame, maybe, but it seems like they’re keepin money in ‘murika and doing more good for their community in PC than a lot of other “cool” snowboard companies making their shit in china… whatever you guys probably ride K2’s or Salomons anyways

  3. biff
    biff says:

    Nope ain’t doin shit for PC. The owner’s a total goon. Spend 5 minutes with the guy and you’ll understand why this company is ridiculous.

  4. yep.
    yep. says:

    hah. talk about a company that’s trying hard. if they truly helped the snowboarding community i’d give em props. however, 2 beemers and arrogant attitudes when asking simple tech questions. not worth that shit.

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