A Pro Quickie with Andrew Brewer


Dear Women, Andrew Brewer is now pro and likes smokin’ babes. photo: Estone

From Reno rebel to Reno rebel with a few extra dollars in his pocket, Andrew Brewer has blazed his own path to pro status. He basically lives with the COMUNE kids but rides for Neff and Matix, he dresses like an American badass but rides for Technine. Basically, Brewer has let talent and passion lead the charge, and after a couple of good years in front of the camera, this good times hellion is finally starting to make waves. When news broke that Arnette turned Brewer pro, we called him, his Team Manager and anyone around him to get a Quickie in before the rest of the world could lay a finger on him.

The news is out, you’re the new Arnette pro. What are you doing right now?
Naked in bed with a chick! Jackpot! Being pro has benefits I guess.
Did you tell the naked girl you’re pro now?
She’s reading this, she knows everything.
Does she think you’re more attractive now that you’re a pro boarder?
She says she doesn’t give a shit about snowboarders but if I was a DJ/Skier she’d be asking for a ring.
Rumor is you like to party. How will you be celebrating your promotion?
Well, last night was my roommate Brendan Gerard’s birthday, so we partied pretty hard. It was a joint party I suppose, but anyways I lost about 80 bucks at the casino. Always a good night.

Arnette Welcomes Andrew Brewer to The Team from Arnette on Vimeo.

Who’s better, Red Gerard or Brendan Gerard?
Brendan, but it won’t be long ‘till “Shred” as he likes to call himself is blowing past Brendan. That kid rips so hard it’s badass, and he’s a rad little dude, I think they are comin’ here today actually.
Now that you’re Pro for Arnette do you feel stupid (or angry) about being Am on other companies?
Not really. Not at all actually, you have to earn your way up I think. Plus, a lot of time there’s not much budget to add new pros so u gotta show why you earn deserve it.
Are you filming this year? How’s the lack of snow treating you?
Like shit, but it’s been cool. This way we get to go on more trips. But yeah, filming with FODT again. Those dudes are a rad crew. I love trips with them.
What’s it like being the resident hipster on Technine?
[Laughing] Nothing is different. Everyone glamorizes Technine as being so “G” but in reality we’re all just in it to snowboard. None of those dudes give a shit. Technine used to have Wittlake for god sakes, and Darrel Mathes, Robbie Sell, Corey Smith, Miami Thunder, Messier, I’m nothing new there.

Pro boarders only hit the most glamorous spots. photo: Estone
Any highlights from the road this year?
Honestly man just meeting new dudes that help us out on trips. We met this dude Jesse in Canada for example and he literally sat in a truck for three hours watching for cops as we hit this spot. Dudes like that are what make this stuff happen for us.
Have you been arrested on the road or had any hangups or hangovers that stand out?
Luckily no, not yet. Haven’t been arrested, but when we were in Chicago last year we had some interesting things happen. We just said we were with ESPN and filming for Xgames and they were down. People literally came out of the back doors of bars to watch us in this alley way. At one point there were like 30 people just chilling watching us.
What’s the reality of being pro? Is life glitz, glam, cash showers and first class tickets now?
[Laughing] Fuck no. I still live in an attic, I’m still flying standby and when were snowboarding it’s work. I wish we had a posse that came with us just to shovel.
Would you rather be “Super Pro”? What kind of shit would you buy with Shaun White money?
Of course I want to be “super pro”. But if I had Shaun White money I would buy a private jet that just said BREWER. Also I’d buy a couple sweet pads. One in LA,  and one in NYC just ‘cause I love those cities. Oh and one in Chicago, ‘cause that city rips.

You don’t see the Tranny Finders or any of these other edit making assholes doing this shit. photo: Estone

Are you a better snowboarder or girl slayer?
I don’t think I’m very good at either, but I try and that’s all that counts. Sometimes I just get lucky. Right place right time shit.
Who gets more blowjobs in Reno, sponsored kids or pros?
Whoever has the most drugs, actually probably frat fags. They’re a hot commodity in Reno.
What do you consider your best moment in bed?
Hmm, pulled a threesome with some babes a few months ago that was pretty badass.
I’ve heard in Reno when two men want one woman they whip out their dicks and let her choose. Any truth to that?
No comment.
So who won the gamble? You, or the other guy?
I could of but I flaked, shit got weird.

Who hasn’t wanted to jump off a house? Guess this is the benefit of living in Tahoe. photo: Estone
You’ve had a couple covers, some video parts, other stuff, what do you consider the best moment in your career?
Man to be honest, when we won the team shoot out and I saw my picture on the cover of Transworld that was like, “Holy shit I made it.” So probably then.
So, it’s day one of the rest of your life, how are you feeling and what’s next?
Lemme’ think. Probably just keep doing what I’m doing. It’s a pretty sweet gig. Plus it’s always day one of the rest of your life, and I’m feeling great!
Do you have fans? Are you protective over your “public image” or are you willing to let things fly and show the world who you really are?
I do have fans. I think? But all of them know me for me. I’m not really ashamed of much. I don’t think u ever should be. Own up to who u are don’t be a fake ass Mo Fer.
Would you rather be able to double cork or bang the girl currently in your bed?
Probably the chick next to me. Everyone can double cork now-a-days so whatever. Not everyone can score smokin’ hot babes.
Then go sex her up. Congrats on the promotion.

Mr. Brewer is currently riding for this list of companies: T9, DVS, Matix, Arnette, Neff, Northwave, Eternalsnow.com, cakeatr, i think thats its i let u know if i remember anymore

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