Fanmail: Break yo’ Face

You know what? We love our fans, probably even more than Jay-Z or Kanye say they do. Anyway, we have a new fan and friend Zach Lastrilla from the Cheese State (Wisconsin). Looks like ol’ Zach has had a rough go. First he breaks his face, then his board and then the worst thing that could ever happen to a cheesehead happened like a week later, the Packers got booted from the playoffs. At this point Zach is probably on suicide watch, but whatever, let’s all enjoy watching him break that cheese eating grin on one of Sunburst Ski Hill’s totally sick-gnar booters!

Thanks for the laugh Zach. By the way, for all you out there wondering what to do when you snap that deck, well Forum is hooking Zach up with a new one apparently. Seems like a warranty is a good idea after all. Get better soon pal!

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