Gatorade Free Flow Tour Weekly Winner: Matty Kirchgasler


Alright kids, our virtual stop of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour is nearing it’s end. The submission deadline is Jan 31, which means Matty here might just be our final weekly winner. That doesn’t mean you can’t still submit for the grand prize: a big into the tour finals at Snow Basin including all of your expenses, paid! So if you’re between the ages of 13 and 21, can snowboard well, and think you’ve got what it takes to go “from flow to pro” submit your video now. RIGHT NOW.

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  1. TommyA
    TommyA says:

    Kid slays it, switch skills, easy style, MIDWEST and east coast bred style. Yea Matty. Haters- you just suck at snowboarding but you are really good at typing on the internet….

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