Hump Day Gets Nasty with Halldor Helgason


As one of the most radical young dudes in snowboarding these days, Halldor Helgason’s rise from Iceland to mind-fucking the X Games with a perfect score (Big Air 2010) less than 10 years after first strapping in almost sounds surreal. And if you’re to consider a year after that he would launch and create a snowboard brand in 2 days, call it Lobster Snowboards and have graphics showcasing nasty vaginas with teeth that would be immensely popular, you would scream “Shit on my tits! Can this barely-legal dude walk on water?” Yes, it’s all true. Living the dream, kids. Halldor Helgason is slamming vaginas onto snowboards so you and I don’t have to. Winning contests, standout video parts, and a successful blog doesn’t hurt that much, either.

How has the early season and new year been treating you?

It has been really good so far. Been filming for X Games Real street back home in Iceland (he’s in the finals now), so a fun start of the season for sure. My plan was to film all over Scandinavia, but there was no snow at all, so I was lucky to get some snow on Iceland.

What would you like to accomplish this year?

Same as always – ride as much as I can, film, do a couple of contests. Just cruise around and try to enjoy my season as much as possible. Also, want to do as much as possible for the brands we started. As always, I only do max four big contests per season so I have time to film.

Tell us something about Iceland most people wouldn’t know.

I guess a lot of people already know this, but Iceland should be called Greenland and Greenland should be called Iceland. That would make way more sense. Iceland is also like a combo between the USA and Scandinavia. It’s a nice combo. We have most of the fast foods you have in USA, and then we have a lot of hot girls like Sweden, Norway and Finland.

You guys eat reindeer up there?

Yes we do, but we imported the reindeer ourselves to Iceland and then we hunt them down.

This jump seems extra scary due to danger of drowning. photo courtesy Nike.

You’ve said the Iceland scene was never that great when you were a kid. Who did you look up to when you were a young buck?

The first movie I saw was Resistance, so after that movie I really looked up to the whole Forum team.

Is Bjork’s birthday a national holiday? Did you want to take her sexual snowboarding when you were a kid?

It’s weird but to be honest I’ve never been that stoked on Bjork. Everyone always drops her name when they hear I’m from Iceland, but I have never been a big fan of hers. I’m way more stoked on Sigur Rós.

Can you recall your first snowboarding experience in America and what you thought of the States?

I was stoked! It was when I was filming for Black Winter. I was riding a lot in Tahoe, so the parks and the whole vibe in the USA is awesome. I always enjoy riding and chilling in the US. The problem is filming street rails, you always have to worry about being shut down by the police or rent-a-cops. In Scandinavia they are way more mellow.

Things that you can get in America that aren’t so prevalent back home?

Four Loco, Willy Wonka candies, Pita Pit and In & Out Burger.

Icelandic girls or American girls or ________ girls? Please explain.

Nothing against the American girls, but the Icelandic girls are just easier and more nasty, in a good way, of course. Sweden and Norway got the best girls though, and the best kebab.

Icelandic powder day? Photo courtesy Nike.

There is an amazingly clever slogan on one of your Lobster t-shirts. Shit on My Tits! What does it mean? Are you super into coprophilia? Often referred to as scat? Sex with shit?

(Laughing) I’m not into it like that, but man I love watching nasty porn, though. I think it’s so funny to see all the sketchy things people are doing. It’s been a hobby of mine and all my friends back home for a long time now. The master behind that slogan is Gulli Gudmundsson. He dropped the bomb and Eiki and I were so stoked that we couldn’t believe it. Here are two banger sites too see funny/nasty porn:

Check them!

You claim to be a chef on Facebook. Can you share with us, the culinary experts at Yobeat, one of Halldor’s favorite Icelandic recipes?

Yeah man, I think Chef fits better to me then athlete (laughing). I lived in Sweden for 3 years and I was the master in making noodles. I pretty much just lived on noodles and microwave pizzas so I got the microwave timing on lock. A lot of people actually don’t know how to make noodles, but they think they do.

1. Put the noodles in the water.
2. Wait till it’s ready.
3. Put the noodles in the bowl.
4. Then the spice on…
5. Then eat it.

You put a scary vagina with razor sharp teeth on a snowboard. What was the inspiration and story behind this exceptional snowboard graphic?

We wanted to show everyone we could finally do whatever we want to do (laughing). Snowboarding has become so serious and all the big companies are so worried what the big mainstream thinks. We never really worried about what people think, we just do whatever we think is funny and we are stoked on. We knew people would have different thoughts on the STD board and it would probably also be banned from a couple of stores. We figured that would be a great start and we would be stoked on it, anyway. Banned things are things that people like us love to see.

Your straight to web snowboarding masterpiece, Sexual Snowboarding, has almost been as big a hit as Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. What is sexual snowboarding? How should we get more sexual when snowboarding?

(Laughing) Thank you, thank you! We were stoked on how Sexual Snowboarding turned out. Just a mellow easy setup of a snowboard movie, short and pretty much just straight up snowboarding mixed with a couple random shots like puking on a GoPro, which, of course, is pretty sexual. The main man behind that movie that deserves a lot of credit is Lord Johannes Brenning

You had a rule in college where you had to shit with the door open. Was sniffing roommate ass merely a ploy to see who was tougher at ass sniffing or who could deliver the best smelling shits?

Yeah, we had that rule. It was weird at first. It was hard to poo with the door open and people around. Then when you got use to it, it was way more chill because you could talk to everyone at the same time and stuff like that. So I really recommend it to people to have the same rule.

Do you keep a poop diary?

Of course! Doesn’t everybody? I’m not good enough with it. Just take photos of the banger ones, of course. The person that has the best one is Gulli Gudmundsson.

Please tell us a little bit about your alter ego, Harold, and when you like to bring him out?

I’m called Harold when I’m drunk. Most of the time, Harold is super stoked and always in a good mood, but he is really good on finding ways to get kicked out from every place he gets into. Bad ideas always sound like the best ideas ever. He stomps moves like throwing drinks, puking, peeing all over, doing the helicopter or just getting naked. I guess that is the reason why I’m banned from 3 of 5 places in my hometown of Akureyri. Eating kebab and head banging is all he wants to do.

You said that former military brat, Cindy Taylor, aka Jesse Jane, the American porn star is your dream girl because “she’s not kidding around.” She’s married. Has a child. Lives in Oklahoma. Would you be willing to fly to Oklahoma to fuck her?

I would be willing to rollerblade over there from Iceland.

Apparently Halldor doesn’t care about his landings. Photo courtesy Nike

You bought a house in Monaco. What’s it like being surrounded by the filthy rich? Do the Helgasons’ vibe well in Monaco?

No, actually not. We don’t fit in there at all. But that doesn’t matter at all, I always just go there for like 3 weeks at a time mostly. Then I’m just chilling, sleeping in, going to the beach, skating and drinking, so it always just feels like a nice vacation when I’m in Monaco. Then, you can always go to Nice in France that is like 30 minutes away.

Lobster Snowboards, 7/9/13 belts, Hoppipolla headwear, and Switchback Bindings. Everything you touch seems to turn to gold. When starting a new company, or launching a new brand, what are your thoughts on how to stick out in the already clogged snowboard market place?

When you start up your own brand, you’ve just got to make sure you’re stoked on doing it and committed and have the right people in it with you so you can learn from their knowledge. Then it’s just fun to design and get the whole image for the brand going. It takes a lot of time for sure, but it is fun to see because all that hard work comes straight back to you. If it keeps going good with all the brands we can actually give sick riders the opportunity to live on snowboarding, which is a really cool feeling.

Please tell us about what to expect from Switchback Bindings.

It’s awesome. It’s bindings that you just need a screwdriver for the inserts. Then, all the other things you can just snap on and off – even the highbacks. So, you have the chance to ride without highbacks and put a heal piece in to still have good grip, which is a cool different feeling when you like to be lose in the park or wherever. When you buy Switchback bindings you have to choose your own color combo and since it has 7 parts in 5 colors, it’s almost impossible to get the same binding as the others out there. I’ve been riding the bindings this season and I’m super stoked on them so far, and I’m sure people will really like them as well.

What are some of your most memorable experiences from coming to the states?

Chilling on Venice Beach, partying in Las Vegas, eating In-N-Out burger, riding in Tahoe and X-games. All good memories, but now that I just turned 21 it’s time to introduce Harold to American bars and nightclubs without using a fake ID. It’s about time.
Go to snowboarding trick that gives you a boner?
BS tail to regular – one of the best feeling tricks you can do.

Best advice your older brother Eiki ever gave you?

If you drink milk your bones will get hard and break, if you don’t drink milk they will just bend. Never plan anything because then the plan can fail. Never go a day without

What is the best part of snowboarding?

Just cruising around in a nice resort with your friends with a bunch of side hits and mini jibs all over the place, and not a lot of people around.

Poster boy. Photo courtesy Nike

Do you ever think or worry about the risks involved with taking your game to bigger rails or a hundred-plus foot jumps? How do you mentally prepare for this?

Yeah, I think about it for sure, but as little as possible. Just focus on the positive things – like how nice it is going to feel if I actually stomp it. Mind fucking is actually a pretty big part of my snowboarding swell. Before I drop in on a huge rail, or a huge jump planning to try some hard trick, I always think like, shit I’m not good enough to do this at all. But then I think — wait, wait! I’m better at snowboarding than I think I am and then most of the time it ends up with me sending it and bailing (laughing). Same with double corks. It sounds so damn hard like that, so I just think about them as a shortcut 1080 or 1260 instead. That’s what it is when you think about it.

You started snowboarding at nine. You started your first company, For Real XXXXL Homeboys Only, when you were 14. Did you ever think making over sized ghetto gowns for your friends to thug around in would lead to this? Eight years later, you’re putting vaginas with teeth on snowboards, designing headwear, belts, bindings and you’ve got a cult like following. What’s the Halldor key to success?

(Laughing) Yeah, my first brand was called HONDELE and the slogan was For Real XXXXXL Homeboys Only – I was so far away from kidding around back then. To be honest, starting up your own brands was one of those things that I always wanted to do but never really thought would happen. Now that it has actually happened it feels insane. We just have to keep on going, try our best with the brands, make them the way we are stoked on and see what happens. If it works out we are stoked, if it doesn’t, we at least tried it out and had a good time doing it. It’s the perfect combo of having some super serious big companies supporting us in exactly what we want to do, but who can also organize things we could never dream about. Then, combine that with our own projects and brands where we can do exactly what we want. I think that it’s a perfect combination to not get over the whole snowboarding industry in the long run.

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  1. Luke
    Luke says:

    snowboarding needs more weirdo badasses like Halldor and Dirks, in the last ten years pros have gotten way too soft.

  2. Kebab
    Kebab says:

    “Sweden and Norway got the best girls though, and the best kebab”.
    That’s pretty much the same… meat on a stick.

  3. tittys
    tittys says:

    halldor, how do you get your pants slim at the knees? they look so dope when you ride. please reply if someone has the answer!

  4. DeathProof
    DeathProof says:

    #7 and #8 are idiots. Halldor is fucking rad. Keep that real snow bullshit out of a great interview.

  5. matt n
    matt n says:

    he earned all those tricks in his real snow part. tough choice between him and louif.
    this was a good interview, dudes real.

  6. Buck
    Buck says:

    How have pros gotten way too soft? Travis Rice is double chucking 200 foot gaps, Shaun White is blasting 20 feet out of a giant halfpipe, Dan Brisse is charging death gaps in the streets, people are doing triple corks, and this year X Games slopestyle will have people chucking back to back to back dubs at night. Although Pat Milbery is pro so I guess it all cancels out.

  7. poop sticks
    poop sticks says:

    @ Buck

    Travis Riceâ„¢ is owned and operated by Red Bull
    Shaun White is a total faggot sponsored by Target who has a pro model scooter

    Brisses’ the man

    No one cares about triple corks
    No one cares about xgames

  8. Buck
    Buck says:

    @poop sticks
    Just because Travis Rice is supported by Red Bull doesn’t mean what he does is less gnarly. But I’m sure if Red Bull was offering you tons of money and the ability to follow your snowboarding dreams you wouldn’t because “they’re too commercial man”. Shut up, you sound stupid. So what if Shaun has his own pro model scooter, that doesn’t affect his snowboarding. He is still by far the best pipe snowboarder in the world. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean they aren’t gnarly. In 2010 over 43 million viewers watched the X Games, that means 43 million people care enough to sit down and watch.

  9. jyazzy
    jyazzy says:

    @ buck
    OH MY GOD HOW IS PAT MILBERY A PROFESSIONAL SNOWBOARDER. saw him bust a 540 once. makes me cry to think he gets to be in the same vids as legends like scott stevens.
    on the subject of halldor: in my opinion best snowboarder out there for a combination of style, creativity, gnarliness and attitude towards the sport. he doesn’t get bitched around by his sponsors, but he will sure as shit still take their money. BOSS

  10. Sam
    Sam says:

    “So what if Shaun has his own pro model scooter, that doesn’t affect his snowboarding.”

    “Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean they aren’t gnarly.”

    You visit yobeat because……….?

  11. goddamn
    goddamn says:

    I hate yo beat. Why would you complain about someone elses success? Maybe because you strive to achieve your own “original” look and style… you know, tight pants, 8.5 inch stance, flannel, hood glued so it never comes off, baliclava (whether its 5 degrees or 50) just like every other fucking snowboarder on the planet, none of which are going anywhere because they are too busy getting gopro footage of kids puking for their next sick rail and puke video. Go back to skateboarding

  12. monstergina
    monstergina says:

    #14 isn’t #6 trying to make what he likes of it? real snow’s were so sick, voted for my freak from ISL!


    HAHA pro model scooter. Respect for being so sick, living in Iceland and having a great euro attitude.

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