Harsh Times of Real Snow: Dan Brisse Part 2


Things are not looking so promising for our man Dan Brisse in this second round, but there’s still the official judging panel, so all is not lost. And if nothing else, he’ll have plenty of stories to tell the ol’ grand kids after this filming experience.

  • hank


  • starfox

    if brisses a tru badass he would have fought those cops, pussy

  • Johnny Cage

    the life of a wakeskater in a nutshell.



  • Jnorth

    Caught one of the only business owners in houghton that would have a problem with it. Still great to see the town keep showing up on the map.

  • Josh P.

    “Sir, it’s my birthday.”

  • Sam

    Props to that cop for keeping that guy cool….

  • Nanerz

    Dan Brisse is my hero!

  • TRS

    is that seriously a pro model winch at 2:57?

  • Obamas Wart

    Our man Brisse? Slightly biased, ey. My man is either Halldor or Louif.. but I can’t decide. Definitely my two favourite edits in this comp.

  • I like seeing angry property owners flip shit in videos. It reminds me of the good ol days of the Shorty’s and Toy Machine videos.

  • poonjab

    What is wrong with this guy? really, he is a fucking weirdo.

  • is it over?

    for fan voting, it is over. he got beat, no doubt. the Judges voting is far more important than what your grandma thinks. brisse is still in in it for judges, and i think he’s got another Gold.