Yobeat’s Trip to Jackson Hole

I’m not sure why every person I ran into this weekend at Jackson Hole, be it an Internet acquaintance or someone I’ve know since I was 15 insisted on asking me the same question. “What are you doing here?” I mean, it seemed pretty obvious to me. I was here to snowboard on the first real powder snow of the season, duh. It’s Jackson, who really needs a reason?

But… there actually was one: a stop of the Gatorade Free Flow tour. We’re hosting the virtual stop this year, so it seemed fitting I would make it out to see an event in real life, and a one-day slopestyle contest at Jackson sounded a bit more enticing than, well, any of the other stops. I made it to Jackson after about 36 hours of travel, thanks to the first storm of the year closing the airport, and as you’ve likely heard, this place is out of control.

Fun fact: I was actually born here. My ski bum parents lived in Idaho Falls and Jackson was the closest hospital, so I was excited to claim native status, despite making my first turns here ever on Saturday. I also was lucky to have a great guide in RC Cone, who not only saved me a place in the tram line, but showed me plenty of goods. After two days of powder laps through Northwoods, Hobacks and Dick’s Ditch, I feel pretty confident I did Jackson right, but just to make sure, I rattled off the list to Zimmerman.

-Hung with Mark Carter and Kyle Clancy at the VC.
-Saw Travis Rice.
-Drinks at the Mangy Moose and Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.
-Dinner at Teton Thai
-Poached in on some Pow and Chow (the episode should be out soon!)
-First tracks down Hobacks, two days in a row.
-Laps on Sublette, Thunder and Casper.
-Rode the Stash Park.
-Applied Yobeat stickers around town.

“Yep. If you make out with Rich Goodwin, you’ll have done everything there is to do in Jackson,” Tim assured me. And while that sounds tempting, I think I’m gonna call it good on my trip and make it back here sooner rather than later.

Oh yeah, and the Gatorade Free Flow Tour: Congrats to Chazz Roberts and Jessica Jensen, who won the men’s and women’s snowboard comp and got a slot on the finals and a free trip Snow Basin. If you want one of those two, you should submit your video for the virtual video stop now, right now! The deadline is Jan 31. For now, enjoy a gallery from JHMR.

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  • holeyo

    Of course Blake Paul lands that shit, kids a boss.

  • Livordie

    I was hoping one of my face plants would make your highlight video. I’ll try harder next time

  • amy

    pretty epic week. you came at a good time 🙂

  • C.O.P.


  • really?

    Mark Carter isn’t in jail yet?

  • Sam

    Thumbs up for Teton Thia. But you shoulda spent a day at the ghee.

  • Tim


  • reject

    and these are the people criticizing our filming

  • rich

    We should have probably just made out to make it official… next time.

  • Zimmerman

    Brooke, stay away from Rich. He’s like a yogi version of Benjamin Button.