Ethan Diess and Kevin Jones are on Arnette

OMG are you like, pro?

Arnette is excited to announce two major additions to their Global Pro Team. First on this list is Kevin Jones, who was a key figure in Arnette’s early snowboard dynasty and has had an undisputed impact on the snow shred world. Joining Kevin is up-and-coming Midwest ripper, Ethan Deiss, whose DIY approach to snowboarding and ride whatever comes his way attitude make him another great addition to the Arnette crew.

Kevin’s 20 year influence on snowboarding includes years of crushing contests and taking a skate-style approach to big mountain terrain. With his heavy video part in Standard’s TB20, Arnette is more than excited to have Kevin back on the team. Besides Arnette, Kevin is riding for Bluebird Snowboards, Billabong, Union Binding Co., DVS, Remind Insoles, Bern and Nalkin.

“Arnette was my first goggle sponsor and it will be my last! I could have ridden for anybody, but I chose Arnette because I care about my eyeballs, something I didn’t always think about the first time around!” commented Jones.

Ethan Deiss blew up in the snowboard world a couple years ago when his video part was posted online and drew the attention of major forces in the industry. A guy that appreciates riding Troll with his boys as much as he does world class terrain parks, Ethan rides wherever and whenever he can. Besides now being a part of the Arnette family, he’s backed by Burton Snowboards, Monster Energy, Gnarly Gloves and FLP.

“I’m soo hyped to be on the Arnette program, I couldn’t be more stoked! Are nothing but nette! 3 pointer… get it?” commented Deiss.

Kevin and Ethan are joining a tight, but growing, crew of snowboarders supporting Arnette, including Devun Walsh, Dustin Craven, Sage Kotsenburg, and Zac Marben on the Global Pro Team.

“These guys are perfect for Arnette. Both Kevin and Ethan are all about having fun with friends on this hill, creativity and doing things on your own terms. They’re both pushing the creative side of riding and I’m psyched to have them on the crew,” commented Robbie Sell, Arnette Snow Marketing Specialist.

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  • matt n

    arnettes gogs look like shit. where do they get the money for this shit

  • Matt n

    Let me reword my last statement I look like shit and where do I get a pair so I can look better

  • ^^from bmx and wakeboarding.

  • Adrian

    Anyone remember those big arnettes with the chrome bling on the straps?

  • sushi

    deiss fucked up huge he shoulda stayed on ashbury

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    dude you just saw a 40 year old guy doing a triple! enough with the whats-cool talk on this site

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