Go Seek in Minnesota

Nothing like some hits from last season to remind you how little you’ve progressed this year.

Riders: Jake McCarthy, Daniel “harry” Creen and Jye Kearney.
Filmed and edited by John Waddell.

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  1. erk
    erk says:

    it’s ok to go back to any of last years spots if you are doing something that is cooler than the person did last year. these guys didn’t do that…

  2. minnesota
    minnesota says:

    this edit is the worst. not even hating just telling it how it is. every teene bop in minnesota has already done better tricks than this on the same rails. im not even talking 1817 ykmf wftc cause they MURDERED em.im talking young ass kids. watch going green or sniche or any other movie with a bunch of young kids that are barely getting hooked up and tell me this is at all good. and you think kearney should be hooked up cause hes soo good? watch sam bakken and then tell me that again

  3. fark minnesota
    fark minnesota says:

    i checked out sam bakken, don’t see him double corking….pretty sure he did’nt get invited to the Burton Rail days comp in japan either? but he must be heaps better than kearney ay!

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