A Quickie with Kimmy Fasani


Kimmy’s the new female spokesperson or something for the AK line, that’s pretty cool. photos Peter Morning.

Kimmy Fasani, aka the girl who can double backflip, has had a big winter. Since her original Hump Day she’s dropped DC, headed back to Burton, found love and been to Japan with the Pipe Champ Kelly Clark. Seeing as everyone’s all about her this week we decided it was time to nail Kimmy with a Quickie.

You’re a girl, you double flipped, let’s hear about it.

It was really scary. I just had to trust that I knew what I was doing and that I was committed to the trick. After the first one was out of the way, in both park and pow, I was a lot more confident.

So you’re on Burton now. Can we assume DC snowboarding is officially dead?

Yeah I’m on Burton, and I’m so excited on the opportunity to be representing their AK line. DC is doing fine. They have an incredible team and have a really good program going on, it was just time for me to be part of a company that has more of a women’s voice.

I heard they are killing their whole snow operation. Is there any truth to that?

That was a swirling rumor every year, and no, there’s no truth to it.

How many times have you been on Burton and how many double backflips are they going to make you do to stay on it?

Burton was my first sponsor and I was with them until 2006. I had a five-year hiatus and now I’m back. There’s no pressure on me to do anything but ride and film. I’m hoping to do more doubles though. They are so fun!

If this was a guy you’d totally think he was pulling that double cork shit, huh? photo: Burton

I remember we used to joke about you learning doubles into the DC Mountain Lab airbag. Now that you’ve become famous for doing them, can I take all the credit as your spiritual and inspirational leader?

Of course you can take the credit! Talking about them is what made me want to do them.

You’ve sort of gotten famous for the double, are you nervous it’ll become a label?

I look at the double backies I’ve done as just another trick that I learned, it hasn’t changed my life, just my perspective. I know now that I am capable of doing whatever I put my mind to. I am grateful for all the exposure that trick has brought but I am still just doing my thing, having fun, and trying to push myself.

Are we going to see a triple?

Hell no!

Why not?

I’m leaving that craziness for the guys. I have a lot more of a foundation to work on than trying to see how many times I can flip.

Does it bother you that 16 year old boys can triple cork and not one girl can?

No, it doesn’t bother me. We learn differently and are naturally more cautious. Getting 7’s, 9’s, 10’s, and doubles come way before the triples.

What if we just strapped in little Chinese acrobats, like 11-year-old girls. Do you think they’d blow minds or just explode and die on the landing?

I bet they could get the rotations around no problem but my vote is they wouldn’t be able to land. Anybody can huck tricks, it’s whether they’ll land it or not. Landing and style are all that counts, in my mind.

Not to bum out the boys, but did you just get married?

I did. Got married in September.

What’s that like? Do you ever gopro your bedroom antics?

Being married is the best thing! Wouldn’t you like to know!

Anyway, seeing as you’ve married a skier, and they’re famous for being fast, is that true in all aspects of their life, like when you guys have sex?

Well, good thing I didn’t marry a racer and Chris takes his time to get down the mountain.

What’s it like riding Japan pow with the Pipe Champ Kelly Clark? Did the locals swarm you guys?

Going to Japan with Kelly (Clark) was so sweet! She’s so strong at riding pow, and yes, she has a lot of fans over there!

What’s the difference between a Dew Tour crowd and a crowd of swarming Japanese?

You can see the appreciation with the Japanese as soon as you shake their hand.

Seriously, if this wasn’t Kimmy doing something really stylish and rad you would totally think it was some dorky double.

Serious question, when a girl slams on her chest, do your boobs ever ache for days?

I haven’t come across that problem yet, but I guess it depends on how big your boobs are…

Now that you’re on Burton, do you think you could get us Shaun White’s autograph?

I think you have a better chance than I do. OR is the Outdoor Retailer trade show. It’s Burton’s first time showing their AK line at the show. As for the Europe trip I’m still figuring out all the details.

So who’s more famous, you, or your pro skier husband?

Chris definitely holds the cards in this one…

Trick question, I’ve never heard of him, so he loses. Anyway, is there any competition there?

Never competition. All we have is love for each other. We are working hard to build our life together…. cheesy but true.

Do you sit around and watch each other’s video parts?

Yep. We do. He actually put my re-edit with standard together for me.

What do you think about all the dudes who just wanna’ get wasted, bang someone and huck a flip or slide a rail when they wake up?

Everyone has a different goal on what they want to accomplish. I just can’t keep up with that scene. I also think there’s a time and place for everything. If those guys can still do their job then I guess it’s no harm no foul…

If there’s nothing else our two worlds can agree on, what brand of condom do skiers and snowboarders both depend on?


Kimmy currently has more sponsors than anyone I’ve ever cared to listen to, here’s the complete list: BURTON, ZEAL, SKULLCANDY, CLIF BAR, MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN, MIMI’S COOKIE BAR, MOGO, SNOWCREEK ATHLETIC CLUB, LIGHT GIVES HEAT, B4BC and the newly created Burtongirls.com

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