Welcome to The Streets

Forum Snowboards sponsored Seven Spring’s new urban-inspired park, The Streets, and brought in various highly influential media representatives to check it out. To make it even more enticing for us media types, they brought a few team riders to do stunts on the obstacles for a “private” shoot prior to today’s opening bash. We’re not too cool for super exclusive-ish shit, so we are TOTALLY THERE.

Austen Sweetin has been riding non-stop, and killing the suburban, urban obstacles, along with Nico Cioffi, Stevie Bell, and more. Below are some photos from the shoot and a little taste of what you can expect if you get your ass to Seven Springs tonight for the super grand opening of the Streets.


[nggallery id=149]

  • rick

    yeaahh pa

  • I want to go to there

  • ButchCassidy

    This is fucking sick!

  • Curtis

    I hope Pete wast is there

  • factorslu2

    i saw this on TWS first

  • WOWWWWW… that looks so fun

  • tristan

    Yea springs! looking really sweet!


    the last time I was in PA I had unprotected vaginal intercouse with a one legged jugallete WOOOOOOP WOOOOPP

  • snowboarding

    If I reword Transworld articles after they come out can I have a job here too???

  • They did an insanely good job with that. Actually looks fun to ride

  • beastlysteeze

    looks like the red bull plaza, but bigger

  • Alex Taylor

    It was even better riding this! Everyone should hit this thing!

  • matt

    i want a video

  • Rico

    snake city

  • Ducktits

    it was so sick, got to meet pat moore! so im stoked

  • eastcoastzeachcoast

    ^ Neat Ducktits…..

    Can’t hate on this. Pretty rad setup, Pete Waste already did it switch AND 1 footed….
    and switch 1 footed.

    I hate Pete Waste

  • ^ saw that pete dude do that

    rode it yesterday, it wat sick as fuck! it is extremely big tho and you can get real messed up. This park is by far though the sickiest thing ive rode.

  • advanced healing bandaid

    picture 11 “stevie bell brightens up the streets”…haha its funny cause he’s black

  • peter

    wow look at all the positive feedback for something that came from Burton. am I even on yobeat??

  • james

    Niko very proper zeach in photo 3 !

  • nice jab peter. good work