Not TF at Snoqualmie


While the world scrambles to intersect this Winter’s first real snowstorms, Seattle natives are enjoying the beautiful park up at Snoqualmie. Check out a few drool-worthy features and some impressive riding from one of snowboarding’s most annoying kids Jacob Krugmire (and his friends) and be jealous you’re not from the Northwest.

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  1. C Brown
    C Brown says:

    You guys Im the real fag… TF for lyfe. You guys are so sick. Where’s jessie I want to suck his cock.

  2. Churr Boy
    Churr Boy says:

    Of course nick lipstons dumb fucking ass posted this. it would be ok if i didnt watch the same trick through out the whole edit.. sick all you kids know how to 360 out of 5050s and do a 180 into them. Congrats.

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